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  1. Lucky Jim

    Gauging the "Jet-Set"

    10 round wound on the Tele, 10.5 round wound on the 335 and 11 flat wound on the Jet.
  2. Lucky Jim

    Live with the Lucky Rockets! (...and with a beautiful Country Gent...)

    Sounds really good. Nice guitar work kp 👍
  3. Lucky Jim

    Will I regret selling my "lmtd ed" Gretsch Setzer Smoke?

    Cue stampede of would-be buyers 😄 I'd head up the queue if I wasn't in UK. It'll be sold within minutes of advertising. Shame though. Your video demo of it is excellent.
  4. Lucky Jim

    How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

    15 years for me. I’d played Gretsches in guitar stores in my teens but they cost way more than I could afford so settled for a used ‘58 d/c Les Paul Jr (very cheap in those days). Then progressed to a used ‘62 Gibson ES-335 - also cheaper than any Gretsch in the U.K. at that time. Finally, after...
  5. Lucky Jim

    I packed a pick today..

    Getting a thumb pick in a wallet ain’t easy ;)
  6. Lucky Jim

    Compton Bridge for G6128T-57

    I'm not that familiar with Compton bridges having never used one but if Wayne says the only one suitable for a Jet is his Special Bridge I guess that's your only option. The Proline Jets like yours have the end of the fretboard floating above the guitar body with pickup and bridge height to...
  7. Lucky Jim

    Compton Bridge for G6128T-57

    @Yehoshua19 I had an original '57 Jet with a Melita bridge (my avatar) and know how uncomfortable those adjustment screws can be, particularly for any sort of palm muting. You may know that some folk swap those thumb-turn screws for shallow dome-headed machine screws that are adjusted by...
  8. Lucky Jim

    New member; apologies of I get this wrong

    Good to see you here @Toonttm. Lovely looking geetar 😍 Tuning problems are often due to strings sticking at the bridge or nut. In this case it’s highly unlikely to be the bridge. If you bend a string it can then stick in its nut slot causing tuning issues. Then again it can be a result of not...
  9. Lucky Jim

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    The circlip? It's only on one end of the shaft, the end farthest from the handle and spring. I believe it's already attached to the Callaham shaft so no need to remove it. See here from 4.40
  10. Lucky Jim

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    @hcsterg thanks so much for the detailed advice. Thanks also for the alternative method, which I understood totally, including the pendulum test. I really appreciate the time you took to write it all down. @Uncle Daddy thanks for confirming your method of reinstalling the pins. You both seem to...
  11. Lucky Jim

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    Thanks @hcsterg. Your comments are very helpful. How did you get the pins on the alu/chrome Bigsby back in? Was it very difficult? @KreepyTeach yeah, that’s what I feared and I’m already resigned to a similar solution as a last resort, even though a Callaham type shaft would not be historically...
  12. Lucky Jim

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    Many thanks for your replies @Back in Black and @Uncle Daddy. Very helpful. BiB the Bigsby is on a Proline Jet less than five years old so a genuine Bigsby. Being a Cliff Gallup sig model it came factory-fitted with a fixed-handle Bigsby but I also have a DE handle for it. The metal-to-metal...
  13. Lucky Jim

    Has anyone removed a Bigsby shaft?

    Some background: My G6128 CLFG’s Bigsby has not operated smoothly since buying it used a couple of years ago, By comparison exactly the same B3 Bigsby fitted to the G6128 53VS that I owned was very smooth. Today I had time to investigate. After removing the whole arm assembly from the shaft I...
  14. Lucky Jim

    I'm A Pushover For Delay

    This thread seems to have repeated itself. How apt 😄😄
  15. Lucky Jim

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    Well, I’m already nicely covered for Dynas with my G6128t-CLFG and very happy with it so if I had to choose an alternative modern Gretsch the one I believe would best suit me is the 6120 BSSMK for some Filtertron (TVJ Ray Butts) goodness.
  16. Lucky Jim

    Some Gershwin on the Monteleone Rocket Convertible!

    Loved that! A great bluesy feel and exquisitely played. Excellent guitar tone too.
  17. Lucky Jim

    Lost Tennessean

    Well, a very long shot but there is a '65 Tennessean in the window of Mudpie Music in Brighton (UK). Could it be worth a phone call?
  18. Lucky Jim

    Another new (and rather happy) vintage 6120 owner...

    That looks sooooo good! Congrats.
  19. Lucky Jim

    Fender grill cloth

    It's difficult finding grill cloth to closely match the original Fender cloths. I have a '63 brown-face blonde Tremolux. The head has the original cloth with sparkle in the weave but the cab has had replacement wheat cloth (no sparkle). It looks OK-ish but I'd rather it matched the head. I...
  20. Lucky Jim

    Gretsch quirks left alone.

    For chimey clean tones the Fender 65 Princeton reverb reissue is certainly an amp to try if your music store has one in stock.
  21. Lucky Jim

    Watering down the product?

    Lol. That sounds like the procedure for viewing guitars at Peach (big UK dealer).
  22. Lucky Jim

    The Gretsch G6120T-BSSMK "Smoke" is pulling me to the dark side

    I hope Smokes are more available in Portugal than they are in the UK. I stand more chance of having tea with The Queen than finding a BSSMK on sale here. If you can find one grab it with both arms and never let go!
  23. Lucky Jim

    Availability of pro-series Gretsch guitars

    @Falconetti the UK store I visited had a used Setzer Hotrod in flame maple Harbor Blue 2-tone for £2,100. I don't know if that's a reasonable price but they've had it for some time now so could be open to offers. PM me for details if you think it might interest you.
  24. Lucky Jim

    Availability of pro-series Gretsch guitars

    @General_Lee that's a very well stated synopsis of the current situation. When 3, 4 or more Electros can be bought for the price of one Proline it's not hard to see why buyers shy away from the latter. However, a similar cost differential exists with Epiphone and Gibson guitars but there is no...
  25. Lucky Jim

    Availability of pro-series Gretsch guitars

    I recently visited a large guitar store in England, my first 'post-Covid' visit. I headed straight for the Gretsch wall where there were plenty of Electromatics and a few Streamliners but no pro-series. I assumed they were tucked away in a more secure room so asked a sales assistant. His reply...