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  1. Penguin

    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    Nice - looks responsive to ride!
  2. Penguin

    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    Yeah I'm a rider - cycle toured across 12 countries, still ride most days. I have a Cannondale tourer (on rollers below - it's raining in Sydney again), a partscaster e-MTB (my daily commuter; you'll note the slicks), a Giant and a Brompton. As a cyclist, the older I get, the better I was...
  3. Penguin

    How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

    About 5 years from go to Gretsch - sold my Cort for a second hand Anniversary (from a retired forum member here). Then sold the Anni a few years later (to another forum member) to buy my Penguin (from another forum member of course). Got to keep it in the family! Peng
  4. Penguin

    RIP Olivia Newton-John

    Sad for sure. RIP.
  5. Penguin

    Suggestion for a boredom stopper for about 2 weeks

    Lou, that's a tough story - sorry to hear about your situation. I hope a happy change comes your way. Wow, nice work Freddy - the things you find in the basement!! And best of luck healing. :)
  6. Penguin

    Audept becomes "The Guinea Pig"

    Sounds complex and while very worthy, a bit onerous. You'll be looking forward to your next trip to Asia for a holiday! Damian
  7. Penguin

    Should Gretsch release an Electromatic Billy Bo Poll

    Why? For me, it's not about aesthetics ... simply, they are the most comfortable Gretsch to play of any I know. I've had big hollow body, thin hollow body and solid body Gretsches, and the Billy Bos just beat them all hands down. And they sound great. They are magic! :)
  8. Penguin

    NBGD: New Blue Guitar Day

    Hmm; Thin body; 1.75" - tick. Not too big in the bout; 14" - tick. Double cut? - tick. Light? - tick. Seems like it's got quite a few things you like, audept! And it looks great! :-)
  9. Penguin

    Graduation... two years late!

    Well done Martine, congratulations! Damian
  10. Penguin

    It has begun.

    Nicely written, Tony. I look forward to seeing the new shell pink creation! Peng
  11. Penguin

    NGD... Two days late. Shell Pink Pro Jet

    Nice, congrats! I do like shell pink on a guitar! :-)
  12. Penguin

    Escape from Oz

    Nice photos, Audept! It must be nice for Mrs Audept to restart the business, and in such a nice place too.
  13. Penguin

    Pretty pictures

    Hi audept, he's on LinkedIn... let me know if you need help. And, there is a Blue Belly on Reverb atm: shipped from "Hyde's shop": and you can send a message via Reverb.
  14. Penguin

    A day out in The Southern Highlands of NSW

    Great day for a drive!
  15. Penguin

    For Sale Gretsch G6120N - SOLD

    What a lovely instrument at a great price. Best of luck with it! Peng
  16. Penguin

    Do you still have “the one”?

    Like a fool I sold it. I still miss it. Peng
  17. Penguin

    NGD: Falcon Jr

    Congratulations! :-)
  18. Penguin

    Wildwood Guitars

    I'm very partial to this audept - it's a stunner.
  19. Penguin

    NGD, Black Falcon DS

    Fantastic, congratulations!
  20. Penguin

    Dairy allergy

    Now you're talking! Peng
  21. Penguin

    Interesting but way outta my price range. (Tele content)

    Synchro, thanks for your comment; novelty and interesting I understand, but I'm wondering though, in what sense do you mean "impractical"? Commercial viability, or design flaw, or...? Peng
  22. Penguin

    1969 Used Price List Denmark St London

    Thanks Jim, That reminds me that I bought my first Gretsch from Wunjo Guitars in Denmark St years ago. Story was I had bought a red strat from a store out in the 'burbs and I didn't like it, and it was pretty much unused, so I brought it in to Denmark St and swapped it (with cash adjustment)...
  23. Penguin

    Topic Preview - Can We Have That Back?

    Works for me on Mac with Chrome v. 94.0, if that helps narrow it down.
  24. Penguin

    New Eman guitar underway, 350 meets 650 :)

    Amazing so far!
  25. Penguin

    Sixto Rodriguez: the most underrated musician

    Oh, Tanelorn! Blast from the past!

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