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  1. Gretschzilla

    Why Are You Here?

    I got the itch to get a Setzer Smoke. I came here for thoughtful discourse about the merits of the instrument. Plus I’d already made up my mind I was gonna do it and I had a feeling y’all would give me a gentle nudge to fulfill my dream. After a full body check into the boards (a bit more than a...
  2. Gretschzilla

    I guess I can go without food

    That is amazing.
  3. Gretschzilla

    V: the 1980’s Sci-Fi Phenomena

    V was a blast. I was also unaware of the follow-on series.
  4. Gretschzilla

    Favorite "Worst band name" you've ever had?

    Me and a buddy pulled together a band we named White Guys Play the Blues Speeded Up with Loud Distortion. The band name was better than we were.
  5. Gretschzilla


    I guess his wife was just giving us the business.
  6. Gretschzilla

    Opinions on the nitrocellulose lacquer Gretsch uses

    I concur. The Smoke is silky smooth and looks good. It’s weird how it feels old and new at the same time.
  7. Gretschzilla

    Filing my finger tips!

    I use an Emory board to lightly sand off my callouses. Then apply a very small amount of lotion. My fingertips stay just right.
  8. Gretschzilla

    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    When I decided to buy a hollow body Gretsch guitar the smoke stole my heart and I am still in love with it. I can’t think of one I’d rather have.
  9. Gretschzilla

    My new Gretsch G6120T-BSSMK "Smoke"

    The Smoke was my first Gretsch as well. The love has grown in the year I’ve had it; and I was head over heels out of the box. Enjoy bonding with yours.
  10. Gretschzilla

    The Gretsch G6120T-BSSMK "Smoke" is pulling me to the dark side

    I love my Smoke. Mine was made in and acquired in 2021. All the good stuff said and written about it is true. Scratchin’ that itch was damn satisfying. I wish you the very best in your deliberations and hope you can make it work.
  11. Gretschzilla

    I played with Elliot Easton last night!

    Thank you for sharing this experience. What a great big ball of fantastic this is. Would you mind sharing any details about the guitars and amps and all that? It would be fun to geek out about who played what, etc.
  12. Gretschzilla

    Home Studio Progress

    One of my daughters has a one bedroom apartment and makes some really good music in it. She has a Mac, Focusrite 2i2, a really nice Baby Bottle mic, a Yamaha APX600 acoustic guitar with pickups, and a Blackstar IDCORE10V3 amp. She uses garage band. She comes over a couple times per month to move...
  13. Gretschzilla

    Thanks, Curt!

    I'd love to see that web site; hunting now... found it! Wow! Great site.
  14. Gretschzilla

    Thanks, Curt!

    This is an inspiring story! Any chance you'd be willing to share a bunch of photos?
  15. Gretschzilla

    NAD x 3.....seventies glory

    Hangin' around here every day gives me the chance to see the coolest stuff. Thanks for posting this!
  16. Gretschzilla

    Best clean amps

    My Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb (Blonde) is pristine clean. If it fits your budget, you can’t do much better for clean sound.
  17. Gretschzilla

    Home Studio Progress

    The table wasn't too bad on cost ($75) and was pure luck on dimensions (fitting around the amps). It's a 'hallway' or 'behind the couch' table according to the product description.
  18. Gretschzilla

    Home Studio Progress

    Decided against the Roland KC-600 based upon feedback/advice from long time keyboard players (real musicians who go gig every week). They recommended I check out the QSC line; I ended up with a CP12. The clarity is amazing. 1000 Watts; 800 to the 12" midrange/woofer and 200 to the high...
  19. Gretschzilla

    NPD - Dunlop JH-1 Jimmy Hendrix Fuzz Face

    Couple of surprises just a couple hours into playing with this monster. First, I did not read the dimensions carefully before making the purchase. This thing has a 7" diameter. It's big. Secondly, I've never seen a pedal's volume knob have such a dramatic effect. And, of course, the pedal's...
  20. Gretschzilla


    I'm still in the honeymoon phase with this keyboard; so my reviews are positively slanted. The sound engines are first rate. Versatility for days. The action is just right for me. Not quite as firm as my true hammer-action acoustic; but it is still a hammer action key bed and has enough...
  21. Gretschzilla


    Hey Henry! I just picked up a QSC CP12. It is a 1000 watt 'do-everything' amp/pa powered by a Class D amplifier; 200 watts go to the 1/4" high frequency compression driver and 800 watts are dedicated to the 12" woofer, which is designed to deliver excellent midrange response while going all the...
  22. Gretschzilla

    Home Studio Progress

    Thank you for your kind words. Things get messy when the (grownup) kids and I play around in there. Taking these photos inspired me to tidy up. I do have a place for everything; try to be consistent about putting things away. One thing nice about having older children: I can trust them to take...
  23. Gretschzilla

    Just upgraded the home studio rig

    I’m a Logic Pro user. Really like it; about 6 months in so a lot to learn.
  24. Gretschzilla

    Home Studio Progress

    Continuing to make progress expanding my little studio in the basement. Just added the Nord Stage 3. I'll be figuring out how to use this instrument for many years. I've had pianos and organs; this is my first synthesizer. (The Stage 3 has Organ, Piano, Synth, and an array of Effects as well as...