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  1. michelb

    Amp project

    Hiya, I'm really enjoying this video series of a guy DIYing a 5W class A amp head. Which brings me to my actual question, which amp would be the most interesting project, a 5F6a or a 6G6b? So it's between the tweed or blonde bassman. Keeping in mind that I'm gonna use the amp for both bass...
  2. michelb

    Expecting Too Much from my 5420?

    I fully agree with this, got Setzer Sigs in my 5420 :cool: Keep in mind that the pole pieces on the TVJ pups are dialed in over there, so don't need any more tweaking normally. And welcome!
  3. michelb

    Show us your pedalboard

    That's an awesome selection you got there 🤘 Any delay or reverb plans, to complete the catalog? :p
  4. michelb

    Nocturne FD Users Rise!!!

    Just checked a video for the Fluid Drive, recognised the room and after a sec figured out it was Tony 🤣
  5. michelb

    Nocturne FD Users Rise!!!

  6. michelb

    No more Tube amps?

    @TV the Wired Turtle might be an opportunity to create a Nocturne SS amp with a natural dynamic tube drive? would be cool :cool: I'd buy that for sure :p
  7. michelb

    NAD!!! Who needs tubes! ;)

    A tonemaster tweed Bassman :oops:
  8. michelb

    Show us your pedalboard

    Ye, already got it laying around, and I noticed it. If I use it tho, it's more of a set up per location I go to and leave it on, so not really an issue for me. There's an issue with the circuit design tho for sure.
  9. michelb

    NAD!!! Who needs tubes! ;)

    I hope they do tweed era tonemasters at some point :p
  10. michelb

    Show us your pedalboard

    Can't find my post and don't remember ever posting my pedalboard so here goes :p So at the risk of repeating myself :rolleyes: Got a Supro Drive coming tho which will prob replace both drives in there and make room for my TC electronic Drip reverb.
  11. michelb


    gratz on the new house :D yard party :cool:
  12. michelb

    No more Tube amps?

    Idd they gave us so many awesome gear already
  13. michelb

    No more Tube amps?

    When there is a dire need, development towards alternatives will speed up properly. This already looks promising imo :cool:
  14. michelb

    New Compton Bridge for a New Gretsch Owner

    Welcome and gratz on the awesome gear ;)
  15. michelb

    Synchro/gain/JFET vs. Tube/amp in a box

    You can give the TC Electronic Tube Pilot a run. It won't break the bank, so doesn't hurt to try and contains an actual 12AX7 valve.
  16. michelb

    $500 million!

    I hope there is a clause for that in the agreement, or they'll just get their money back eventually :confused: Don't think copyright to music expires as long as the artist lives, but I'm not 100% sure on this.
  17. michelb

    $500 million!

    Guessing Sony plans to use a lot of his music and rather then going through all the trouble of asking permission every time, they bought all of it for unlimited use. Seems like a fair amount of money to lose the intellectual rights to your own stuff. They also receive the royalties from this...
  18. michelb

    G5420T ELECTROMATIC Neck Width.

    I'm an upright bass player, guessing that qualifies as a chunky neck? ;) And I like the neck of my 5420, but if you can I'd try and get my hands on one to test the neck and get a feel for it. The stock blacktops imho are proper filtertron pups, although a bit more voiced in the direction of PAF...
  19. michelb

    For Sale Gretsch G6120N - SOLD

    Nice Paul Pigat playin ur guitar :p reminds me to get his fingerpicking transcriptions :eek::D
  20. michelb

    Happy Birthday To Our Super Moderator, thunder58!

    Happy birthday! You're a big part of why this community is awesome ;)
  21. michelb

    How fake is my Setzer ?

    Nough said I'm afraid. First things I notice are: F-holes Bigsby Thumbnail inlays Controls position Pups + rings Pickguard Headstock Body dimensions seem off as well It's a pity that music stores and auctions don't seem to be able to recognise a Gretsch. This is not the first case and I'm...
  22. michelb

    NGD - new gretsch day

    Gratz and threat her nice ;)
  23. michelb


    Sweet Tony and happy birthday :D
  24. michelb

    Where do I put my Brain?

    Didn't read all of the above, but if there are drives, you can consider putting them in the FX loop of the MB. Compressor in front.