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  1. DougCraft

    New Filter'trons FT-67 Filter’Tron™

    Does anyone have any direct experience with the new FT-67 trons?
  2. DougCraft

    NGD - Cadillac Green Duo Jet

    G6128T '57 Duo Jet with TV Jones T-Armond Dynasonics. Beautiful sound and playability except for the antique bridge which makes palm muting difficult if not impossible. This baby replaces my Electromatic G5238T Pro Jet with P90s which I gave to a buddy...
  3. DougCraft

    NGD - Meet Betty

    Meet Betty, named after me best mum - new G6118T ISV Anniversary Players Edition hollowbody. I was looking for a thin hollowbody but decided against a Country Gent - not interested in a double cut or Broad'Trons. I got it from StreetSoundsNYC and it's a used in near mint condition. I love the...
  4. DougCraft

    Anniversary on the Way

    Difficult family problems and a pandemic has triggered my reliable method for combating depression and frustration. Decided to go ahead and order a G6118T-ISV Player Edition Anniversary. I had been looking for a thin hollowbody, and an Anniversary looks like a good option. It's the "iridium...
  5. DougCraft

    Replaced the Mini-Gretschbuckers in my G5238T

    The mini humbuckers in my Pro Jet sounded muted and definitely not inspiring, so I had a set of GFS Slick P90s installed along with a 500-KΩ volume pot and bass contour (1-MΩ audio taper pot with a 0.0022 µF cap) replacing the treble roll-off tone. The bass contour works just like on my Reverend...
  6. DougCraft

    Incoming NGD - Ibanez EGEN8 Shredder

    I sold some items on consignment at Blues Angel Music in Pensacola and decided to get an Ibanez EGEN8 Hermann Li Signature model. It's basically an S model with elegant appointments and crazy switching versatility. Here's some pics from the Reverb ad: I love the S models - they are really...
  7. DougCraft

    PSA - Adorama Blowing out Pro Series Gretsches

    Not associated with Adorama, but serious discounts on some models (Setzers too)
  8. DougCraft

    Gretsches - what was missing...

    I modded my Steinberger GL2 to a 3PU version with a 6-way rotary switch and series/single/parallel switches for the Duncan humbuckers. Ever since doing this mod, I have always looked at doing similar switching to all my humbucker guitars to get a clean, noise-free high end with the humbuckers...
  9. DougCraft

    Check out my YouTube Channel

    These are simple slideshow videos of my art with my music as soundtrack. Big in Japan! <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="640" height="360"...
  10. DougCraft

    New Pro Jet

    Hello all - I got a deal on an gold top Electromatic G5238T Pro Jet with mini humbuckers. Do any of you folks know when this model was made or any construction details? No longer a current model. I assume it's got a laminated maple top on chambered mahogany - but I cannot find any info. It's one...
  11. DougCraft

    Are Gretsches Doomed to the Dustbin of History?

    I do not think so - I think there will always be a core baseline of enthusiasists who will love the vintage vibe these wonderful guitars offer. I also think Gretsches and shredder guitars share the same physical benefit of having very low action and ease of playing that will never go out of...
  12. DougCraft

    PSA - Adorama Deal on Electromatic

    I found this post today on The Gear Page forum. Dunno if this is still valid, but if you have been lusting after a hollowbody Electromatic, you might check this out. Adorama has the Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body Single Cut Guitar (fairlane blue or aspen green) for $800 - $301 off...
  13. DougCraft

    New Tax Refund Guitar - G6659 Broadkaster Jr

    I was looking for a single cutaway center block and this Broadkaster Jr Players Edition fits the bill. Wonderful fit and build quality. Low action. Beautiful flame and transparent finish (I LOVE purty wood on my guitars!). The PowerTrons sound good, too - more versatility in high gain territory...
  14. DougCraft

    ¡Hola, Compadres!

    New member here on Gretsch-Talk. I usually hang out on the Gear Page, but decided to get involved here. I am posting the same question many others have asked - are stock Filtertrons wired in series or parallel? There are conflicting opinions, strongly stated. If you have some official...

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