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  1. Music -n- Beer

    Strap recommendations?

    Okay, so I want to get a strap for my 5120, but I feel the Gretsch straps are just too thin. I'm looking for something thicker. Black leather would be perfect. I'm just curious what kind of strap everyone else has on their Gretsch and/or if you could point me to some websites to get quality...
  2. Music -n- Beer

    Recording to PC

    Anyone else record directly into their PC like I do? I bought this PreSonus TubePre pre-amp which allows me to plug right into my PC. In-line I have various Danelectro effects pedals. It's all a very simple, quaint set-up that sounds pretty darn cool. For after-effects I use Sonic Foundry's...
  3. Music -n- Beer

    Fret Buzz on New 5120

    I just bought a 5120 last weekend and immediately noticed the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings all had a fret buzz. Is this normal for new guitars? I didn't notice the buzz through my amp so I'm not worried about, just curious as to if this is normal. Thanks. I'm a first-time Gretsch owner and this...