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    NGD - Number one with a bullet!

    Congrats, it's really a beauty! BTW, how does it look without the pickguard? (Well, someone had to ask :-)
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    Interview with Poison Ivy

    Great article, thanks for posting it. Nice pics, not only of Ivy, but also the one of the Duchess playing the Gretsch Cadillac!
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    My 1979 7670

    Congrats! I dig those big kidney bean tuning keys!
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    Anyone still use a full-length strap?

    Coincidentally I also posted this pic on the Martin/Taylor/Philly Cheesesteaks thread, but as it shows the "long" strap on my 1973 Martin D-35, I am posting it here as well. The strap is a leather Martin strap, also 1973 vintage. And in keeping with the underlying current of the thread, my...
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    Cheese Steaks and Guitars...

    This was definitely the wrong thread to read on an empty stomach! Don't know much about cheesesteak sandwiches, but I did purchase my 1973 D-35 Martin new from Arch Street Music in Philadelphia in the summer of 1973. I think Arch Street Music became 8th Street Music at some point, maybe...
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    G5622T Strap Knob Screw is loosening itself

    Glad I found this thread, as one of the strap knob screws on my 6136 is starting to loosen. The advice here helps a lot! Thanx!
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    Lookie What Just Followed Me Home....

    Congrats and welcome to the Cast (of Falcons). With the Chet arm and roller bridge, at first glance it looks a lot like a later model 7594 WF2. The thumbnail fret markers, larger F holes, pickguard, and red jewels on the volume knobs are hallmarks of a 6136 DC - which I think is a relatively...
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    NGD, Black Falcon DS

    Congrats, welcome to the cast, and enjoy playing!
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    Just bought a Gretsch Tennessee Rose, please tell me about them

    I had a lovely 6119-1962HT (the type George used), sold it, and often wish I had it back. This model has the HiLoTron pickups, tone switch circuit, zero fret, "fake" F holes, rocking bar bridge, Bigsby, and a mute switch. Truly a desert island guitar.
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    The Gretsch that got away story - thread

    I sold my 6119-1962HT... and used the proceeds to buy my 7594... Both are dream guitars. But when I think back to the 6119 I recall it was truly a great instrument every time I played it. One other reason I sold the 6119 was because I have this: Similar in some respects and...
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    Gretsch sighting on National TV

    I would guess it is one of the "newer" 6139T-CBDC double cutaway center block model. Most (if not all) of the earlier WF DC models (i.e. 7594, 6136DC) have thinner bodies than the single cutaway models. The "newer" 6139 model also has a smaller 16" lower bout compared to the 17" lower bout on...
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    Lap Steels?

    I'll crash the thread with pix of my sliders: a 1929 Dobro, which I've had since 1976 and a Sho-Bud Maverick which I've had since 1987.
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    which model says “Gretsch” more than any other?

    I don't disagree with what anyone else has said, and though the 7594 may not be as iconic as some of the others, it is distinctively Gretsch. Plus I can reach the upper frets more easily than on a single cut or even the double cut 6122 Country Gent. Even though it can be argued "there ain't...
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    Gibson question

    Gibson Archtop Guitar Story... Here is a picture of my 1937 Gibson L-7, which I acquired about 40 years ago - free of charge! Story the early 1980s I had some friends who were moving out of a house they were renting and they asked me if I would like to move in. Swell house on a...
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    Show me some amps...

    Front Row, L-R: Fender BF Champ, Kalamazoo Model One Back Row, Top, L-R: Fender EC Tremolux, Fender '63 Reverb (RI), Carl's Custom Amps 5E3 chassis in TV tweed cabinet with Celestion Alnico Blue 12". Back Row, Bottom, L-R: 1950s Valco Sportsman (obscured by BF Champ), 1993 USA Made Blues...