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    Worst Musical Advice Ever Received

    "You need lessons"
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    Oh Goody…Guitar Center Gear Consultant

    It won't stop for about three months. Blocking the number doesn't help. You'll have to tell your new friend to stop calling.
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    Interview with Poison Ivy

    Jeeeeeze! When I first saw this old thread my heart raced and sunk. But now, I need to find this issue with some nice relief as well. Phew
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    Intro - New here, second Gretsch

    Welcome! I'm really curious of how the Penguin sounds through the Marshall. I've got some GAS for another Marshall myself but never tried a Gretsch through one.
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    Fender 64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Hardwired

    If I could afford one of these I wouldn't hesitate to buy it regardless of the guitar. These HW Deluxes are nice amps.
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    Passing on one of my 6120s to my son

    That's really great to read. Made my day starting this morning.
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    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    I'm glad one categorized mis-labeled, segmented, rationalized group of us gets to forever stay on the sidelines and watch all of you.
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    I'm new to gretsch and ordered a white falcon

    Heck of a start!
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    Cheap Guitars…

    I dont consider my new 5422tg to be a cheap guitar, I sure as heck didn't pay much for this level of quality and the more I play it the more I really like it.
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    How good of a deal is this (two new, but old stock, Setzers)?

    Yes, the prices are good, but "in house?" Eh, after taxes and all. If you were to buy it then a few months down, after a humid summer maybe, things could start to warp and bend, who knows. I been playing guitars since the late '70's and while Ive never hung them I've also never known a glue...
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    "Seek and you shall find"
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    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    Elmore James 3 CD set, The Classic Early Years.
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    Another eBay/Reverb rant

    I won't sell on Reverb anymore for a few reasons. 1. Shipping is now to much and I can't compete against the free shippers unless I sell at a stupid low amount. 2. My last guitar sale, buyer got back to me saying it needs a re-fret, strings and if I dont go half with him on that cost then just...
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    Just got my first Gretsch guitar...

    Perfect first Gretsch. Have one myself! (Or two)