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    Don't look if you've a weak stomach.

    Tippex and Black Marker - this needs re doing as its done a few gigs and practicing. Works well though.
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    Don't look if you've a weak stomach.

    This is just so cool. Nice work !!!
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    Share your band setlist

    Sorry - a bit messy - we muck about form this list for each gig. 1 Brand New Cadillac E 2 Jump Jive ‘n’ Wail A 3 You Never Can Tell C 4 Rip It Up A 5 Sea Cruise C. X 6 Flying Saucer Rock ‘n’ Roll A. X 7 Sweet home Alabama 8 Something Else A 9 Rebel Rouser Ea 10 Rock...
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    Don't look if you've a weak stomach.

    Sorry just opened my eyes and seen your Vheonix - love it!! I love modded individualised guitars - if it needs changing to suit you then I say do it !!! Rock on!
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    Don't look if you've a weak stomach.

    Love the Vincent idea !! TBH Iike the red jewel markers you've done but I'm too scared to do that!! I love bikes and Guitars - both hit the spot for me and share much the same philosophical attraction - fast, sexy, powerful, a bit mean and a whole lotta rock n roll ! The BSA badge is...
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    Don't look if you've a weak stomach.

    Hi Cowmoo - love the Black Pheonix guitars!! I've got one and its my favourite gigging guitar BUT I gig in low light AND wear shades so I had huge problems initially and didn't gig with it for a whole when I first got it. My solution was to use White Tippex Correction fluid to mark across...
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    Compton Brass Bridge

    Brass and Chrome/nickel looks damn good in my opinion.
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    6120 Volume Question

    Thanks T, I'll give it a go when I get a minute in the next few days and post up what I find. Have you heard of any TV Jones Classic PU's with low outputs before?
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    6120 Volume Question

    Hi Tara, many thanks - I was hoping to be able to check thru the jack cable if all 3 guitar's are set 100 open on the pots but I suppose that still brings in the pots as a variable and will prove nowt. Sounds like a job for a boring winter sunday afternoon when the mosickle is tucked up...
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    6120 Volume Question

    I have an Ibby AF75TDG which has TV Classics I've fitted. The output was noticeably lower than the identical louder outputs of the TV Classics fitted to my 6120SSU and 6136 Black Pheonix. Obviously for gigging this is a pain as you can't just swap guitars without adjusting levels - always a...
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    Fender Deluxe Reverb Re-issue - more gain?

    Hi all - any advice would be gratefully recieved. I use my 6136 Black Pheonix with TV Jones classics thru a Boss A/B switch with channel A going to Normal and acting as Rhythm Channel and B going to Tremelo Channel for Lead purposes. I then set the volumes and tones to suit. This works...
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    Does everyone here use Fender amps with your Gretsches? :)

    I use either a Fender DRRi or Deluxe VM or both for gigs usually. If its outside then I have 2 x Laney VC50s with Vintage 30's and new valves which are enormously noisy. I also sometimes use 2 x Laney LC15 Watt Combos split for lead and rythm. Best sound = DRRi at high volume but its too...
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    NGD, Malcolm Young sig II. And some questions!

    Love it and very jealous. I love AC/DC and Malcom/Angus's sound together. Malcolms iconic high voltage rythm playing is just brilliant and under pins one of the most enduring and distictive sounds in rock history. pressure then.
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    Amp Shootout! Can You Tell Which Is Which?

    and it's A = Fender Vibro Champ, B = Fender Blues Jr. III and C = Vox Pathfinder 15 from me too....:)
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    Anybody use a Second Low Watt Amp for your Overdrive Pedal

    I often use 2 amps with an amp switcher to do this with the added benefit of having a back up amp if one fails. If both fail I pack up, go home and go to bed. For small gigs I have 2 x Laney LC15 combos, medium gigs a FDeluxe Reverb and FDeluxe VM (allows different Echo / Reveb Setting for...

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