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  • Hi Rock,

    Thanks for the heads up on this. The guitar looks great, a classic looking Gretsch. Do you know this guy? Is this a nice model, the 6120? What does DSW stand for? I could run up there tomorrow if every lines up in my mind.

    Heya Rock. Taking a break from the internet, and forced to for the most part cuz my internet went down since yesterday; just got it back. But playing my Gretsch more than I ever have. In fact, I'm gonna do that now. Hope you and yours are well!
    Thanks for the info. You probably know I have that 6136DNS WF (as well as the BLK one) I was thinking of buying a Penguin but I will defer to your opinion and be content. I hope you and yours are well. Pilgrim
    Hi, Sarge. Been busy winding down the lab (being closed by the owners - long, sad, story) and job-hunting.
    Yea man,I don't care what anyone says...you can't beat those 6114's! I don't know how I missed that thread but it was cool.Those fingers move quite well for a young man of 59 years.:D
    Hey,sorry I meant Guitar Center online ,used section ,type Gretsch guitars.I've bought guitars in the past from them online and sometimes you can get 200-300 right off the start...depending how long it's been in the store.I didn't know if you knew anyone looking for one of these.
    Brent,hey just now got a chance to ask have you ever pulled the cav.plates off your New Jet and noticed how tiny the wiring and pots are?Since I've had mine redone it's been a total blessing...still a Gretsch with more oomph!By the way about $1100 @ the most for the "Rose"...you can always say it's gonna cost ya a little to get it playable,it would be nice to have.

    going quite good. Just back from a 9 mile walk today, did 10.5 on Sunday and over 12 the Sunday before. Think I have done approx 160 miles since the beginning of March.

    Hope you are keeping well. Must have a shower now

    I am fine. Busy doing a lot of walks at the moment trying to get fit for my 200 mile walk in June. Hope all is well with you
    Yea,I hope he finds one and he may as these Jets are overlooked.I just got lucky.This one I got had 9-42's on it when it came.Every electric I get I play unplugged first for 30 min. or so just to listen to the wood.It sounded a little dead...the strings were fairly new.When I pulled off the cav. covers I noticed how hollow it was.I had a 'ah ha' moment.Just like my Nashville,I can't use anything lighter than 10-46's...just doesn't do the wood,the guitar justice.It came to life after I changed them.Personally,I use EB coated Slinky's on everything.Just love the broke-in sound out of the package and they feel great.
    LOVE IT!!!Finally got it cleaned up,dropped in a new harness from TV JONES & got the frets dressed...KILLER!!!! Should've bought one of these long ago instead of the last DUO & Sparkle jet.
    My wife taught engineering in Ruston and then moved here to Vicksburg, but she still had her thesis to present so we were going over all the time. I found a 62 sunburst 335 in that rag and went to see it. The guy wanted $400 but said he would take 300. I said ok let me see it and play it. He handed it to me and there was a Pentagram burned
    into the back of the whole guitar. I passed. Being a minister I know there are things you just don't mess with.
    Have a GREAT 2011
    Pretty good. It finally stopped raining! It rained for about a week straight, just starting to dry out. How'd by you???
    Got big Christmas plans?
    Hi Brent, I also have been a really busy. I'll explain and write a "news" soon. Take care my friend!
    They are still sorting through everything. They have so much stuff going on that it will take a while.
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