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    What Are You Doing Here?

    Enjoying a fresh ground brew before I head out to Strat shopping. (I know, I know)
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    A Nice Slapback Sound

    Most don't like reverb with slapback, but I do. BUT, a subtle room reverb I find works best, one with controllable trail. I can pull some terrific Sun stuff with a Fab Echo and a room reverb with the trail set almost to the length of the delay. This way your delay ends with a subtle "echo"...
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    Q for all you finger-pickers

    I prefer a pick, however... I was playing Der Kammisar the other day and Falco's snappy little riffs sounded really good when I snapped the strings like plucking a bass line, sorta between the thumb and finger. Think I'll find ways to do more of that.
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    What are the essential amps?

    After somewhat recently getting a Jazz Chorus, I've no idea how I've lived without one! I now appreciate my long sitting extremely dusty overdrive pedal! Playing a DD3 and a Soul Food through it, everything I do outside of my Western/Rockabilly is in that cute little box!
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    Room Reverbs.

    I've been very impressed with the Fender Hammertone. I like a pedal that I can up the effect and cut the trail.
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    Important Scientific Discovery: Different amps require different pedal board setups!

    To simplify what I carry around, my Western/Rockabilly rig got it's own 'Board' inside. I needed (of all things), to brighten up my little Fender amp, so I used a Soul Food OD with Drive at 0% and the tone at 100%, and a fab Echo... Acoustic Board: Flyrig AC, Dig. Delay, Polytune (to PA)...
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    Pedal power - Do you ride?

    No really recent pictures, but I try to ride as much as I can. This little bugger has proven way, way more durable than I was ready to give it credit for! Perfect since I've been driving a Nissan Micra.
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    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive delay pedal

    A Fab Echo and a DD3 is really all ya need for pretty well anything. As long as they have trimmable pots, having a chorus and a room reverb makes the DD3 do anything the expensive delays do. . . . . . . That said, I got both the new Hammertone Fender Delay's, actually terrific little units.
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    I''m a Dutchman!

    Over this way it feels like at least every third or fourth person I meet is Dutch. Weird. There's a lot of things I can appreciate about being Dutch myself, but nobody does Beer like the Belgian's! Proost
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    TV Jones MagnaTron? Any users here?

    Seriously been thinking about swapping my Hilo's for these lately? Wouldn't mind hearing some in depth opinions either.
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    MIC: Mental stumbling block…

    Canadian Simon and Patrick, Mexican Martin, Chinese Fender PM1... a few others... Fender PM1 has become my favorite and main acoustic. Play what feels and sounds good. Play it often and play it well.
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    Scottish band Texas at Edinburgh castle last night... nice Gretsch content!

    That's cool they're still goin'! It may have been watching Glastonbury?, but I saw them on TV somewhere many moons ago and liked them a lot. That same show made me a Portishead fan a bit too and I fell in love with Republica!
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    That one pedal...

    I get it, the tones and the times I appreciate didn't use (or have) pedals. But that's why we do now. What I enjoy for tone was once found in a massive tube studio console and ran through various "echo chambers". Things I can not do. That said... Room Reverb with the ability to dim and cut...
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    Change gretschbuckers to hi'lotrons on G5122

    5420, went the TV-HT route. No regrets! Clear as anything, being so neutral they switch between my amps doing either Rockabilly or Eighties ballads and are well suited to both.
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    Premier Guitar Reviews The Latest Version Of The Gretsch G5420T

    Yes.., Gentle. My Bigsby use, very subtly up and down (high & low pitch).