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  • Hey!!!...SORRY....I sent the second email before checking the forum....I'll get the PayPal gift sent tonight.

    BTW...I never saw the response from you on my I guess it is a good thing I followed up!

    Thanks again!!!!!
    Yes , i got the email... i had answered it. i said that you could send it paypal if i could figure how to do it through email. that's how i bought a guitar from a member here. or a postal money order is good too. email: [email protected] ... was told to say it is a gift or would be charged using paypal. my address is: Richard Moorer 19 Plainfield Dr. Charleston, S.C, 29407
    Just checking to see if you received the message I sent to your Yahoo mail a couple days ago with strap details, and checking how you wanted payment sent? I've got paypal, so all I would need is your email address to send the payment to.

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