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  • Greeting fortunate Gretsch owners/players!
    Long time reader. I search globally for a good Gretsch deal. They all are the same price no matter where you look. I missed out on a few good prices locally.
    On ebay I am leery on buying from a non auth. Gretsch dealer.
    I am in need of advice please. Budget $1600.
    These are all used guitars. I haven't seen or played any of these though)
    I am torn between purchasing a 1960 6120 reissue,
    a 6118 ht anniversary,(both a U.S.A. made and a new Japan built. hilo tron pick ups-do they rock ?) a Lime Gold HOT ROD (maybe my soul mate?) I found a used Korean G5126 silver which i totally dig the vibe, even though I am not a big China or Korean products, I actually have played this one! needs T L C (it is stamped used on back of headstock,new serial #,good condition. I know I need a new bridge/tuners and maybe the bigsby too? It knocks against the body when used or maybe it just needs a new better spring? the pick ups seem okay,everything works.) For the money the G5126 seems the best choice. Is $550 to much for this? I am not a big fan of the G5120's
    Why not just spend a tad extra and get a real one? The Chet 6120 tm seems very appealing too! Please give me your thoughts? if you like go to my youtube page
    RADLADRICK -perhaps this will aide in any advise you may have? ( be advised I'm just an average player-dedicated though)
    A Gretsch would suit me very fine indeed.
    Please help.Thank you. Happy Holidays!
    singed, Gretsch-less in So.Cal.
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