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    Need a Modern Gretsch History Lesson

    I work at a Gretsch dealer in Alabama and can tell you that quality level since the Baldwin era has improved immensely! Japanese stuff in general is really starting to catch up with us. Unfortunately, the prices are following. These are very well built guitars though. I will say, they are very...
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    Howdy fellers!

    Thank you guys a lot! Yep, that guitar's been pretty good to me so far. I reckon I'll hold onto it for a little bit.
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    Howdy fellers!

    Of course I take it out! That is the best playing, best sounding guitar I have ever had the privilege to put my hands on. I felt compelled to save it from some collector who would let it sit behind glass. But don't worry. I treat it as if it were my child. And thank you both for the welcome...
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    Howdy fellers!

    I'm Patrick from Huntsville, AL. Obviously I'm new to your site. I am the proud owner of a '65 Country Gentleman.
  5. This is my band playing at Hogg Wild II in Huntsville, AL.

    This is my band playing at Hogg Wild II in Huntsville, AL.

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