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    Bright sunny day out there, so I took the Firestick Red 5220 out for a few pics and it was “like hot fiyuh!“ (that quote is much better...

    206B80B6-ECB6-4E85-AD01-6286D5D9BE97.jpeg BC5C9B2C-9989-4005-A7F3-4C632DC19DCC.jpeg 2C699DF3-5359-4078-BB60-1792A2694B4A.jpeg 9A28101A-F757-4F7E-AF3B-4CE9D4F225B1.jpeg 183B9483-F5A4-41A7-BF44-19B556BCDD86.jpeg C562FB78-D979-4452-9506-2432ADC1BD30.jpeg 1E568798-2953-43E5-ABF8-78DA20327F01.jpeg A7E581D7-8EDE-4639-B14A-5C6BC3BE71FB.jpeg 085DB2F6-58ED-4BD1-A9A0-A67DFEDB4273.jpeg 9E5C656B-15CA-48B3-A9C7-F857CE401554.jpeg Sep 22, 2020 at 6:57 PM