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    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    @Stefan87 - I still haven't read thru all the posts in the thread but G5422T succinctly and completely expresses "the IT factor" about a Strat that would've taken me longer to explain. The natural decay of tone via bolt-on neck dares the player to keep going after their creative melodic...
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    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    My friend's husband was on the show "Beat Bobby Flay". He(Kevin) is an extremely accomplished chef and since sold the restaurant he owned when he appeared on the show. But Kevin made a really elementary mistake...... he used a curry powder as major ingredient to the flavor profile. Why a...
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    How useful is a Strat? Do I need one?

    I'm 100% with you on the love of the neck only tone of a Strat and thanks for sharing this McNeely gem.....Awesome! Stevie Ray IS THE G.O.A.T.,! Why? I said so. The only reason he played other positions on a Strat is because he mastered the oozing, rich, bluesy goodness from the neck pickup...
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    Instrumental Guitarists With Something to Say

    @drmilktruck - +1000 to you for this thread. The list alone is loaded with tons of talent and creativity but additional contributions from members spark the "oh yeah, definitely!", the "I'll have to listen a bit more", and some will just wake up the memory banks. Immediately from the list...
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    Kids In the Hall Documentary and New Episodes!

    I'm a huge fan....I love Kids In The Hall!!! I completely forgot about the reboot, just saw this thread and watching now. Hitting Episode 2 now.....skipp "Newborns are like rubber." "'cause they bounce" " they don't bounce but it would be great if they did.... catch then on...
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    Whatcha Listening To Today?

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    Tell me about 5129's with the big F holes...

    Cool. That Jet of yours really is a special run in my opinion. I know I don't need any new guitars but would pull the trigger for a used model if the price was right. I agree.....the current models really aren't a true reissue as the pickups are different and completely chambered.
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    Tell me about 5129's with the big F holes...

    The late '90s Sparkle Jets were solid...not weight relieved and the Filtertrons were ceramic magnets. I've been seeking one 2 years now but they are rare. @Sid Nitzerglobin has one and remember him saying that it was over 10 lbs. To compare it to a 512x? 2 different guitars but sounds you...
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    Whatcha Listening To Today?

    Because I was thinking of my mom today. This was one of her favorites.......
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    The One Pedal Gig

    I have to say that plate has become my favorite reverb selection and I can definitely see a bit of delay doing the job also. Nice going!
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    Feel’n sad today, play’n the Blues all day….

    I am sorry for your loss and always love this song for remembering those we care about. "... The day is necessary, Every now and then For souls to move on, Given life back again"
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    After playing 30+ years, my first Tube Screamer (clone)

    Nice input/breakdown on the how the majority of tone is shaped from Strats and then comparison to the Tele. It makes complete sense and why I only use neck and neck/mid positions on a Strat. I want that "fullness". My newly acquire American Pro II is warmer and do like the humbucker in the...
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    NGD (Tony Sims to blame!)

    These do produce some really nice tone....Congrats!!
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    After playing 30+ years, my first Tube Screamer (clone)

    I definitely can see that. It's funny how my comment kind of "dissed" the mids, but after dialing the mids on my new Revival Drive by Origin Effects and reading your comment, I now really hear what good quality mids can bring to a all 5 positions too!
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    New recording….”Will The Circle Be Unbroken”!

    Wow Tony. If your version had been the original, I'm not too sure if anyone would've dared a cover. I'll spare the commentary as everything in your version is perfect....perfect and still raw! Your voice just raises this song to an incredible height. Maybe Chris Isaak could come close to as...