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    Anyone try the Boss DM-2w reissue yet?

    Deco....slapback and so very much more!
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    Strymon Deco

    Yeah...I watched the demos today, and once more I've got the gas for a Strymon! Those guys are pure evil. Didja hear that? Pure evil, I say!
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    Not so new member...

    Welcome on board!
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    Been gone for a year

    Proud to say I've never been to the other site...never been a member. I guess I get all my fixes here. Welcome back, Nick. I've been pretty scarce myself for ... probably well over a year. Actually downsized, too -- traded in my 6120 for a small bodied Martin. Still have the Stephen Stills...
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    Greatest concert film?

    Stop Making Sense. Rust Never Sleeps, Neil Young.
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    Damn, I Love My Firebird

    Some sweet Firebird action on the new CSNY box set.
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    Happy birthday, Calvin.
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    It's here!! and covered in drool!!

    As a fellow Falcon player, I salute you, sir! Congrats. It's a beauty.
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    Yep. What they said. We have many tapes recorded in the bar we played at back in the mid-eighties -- nothing but buzz between songs. At the other bar where we played...nothing.
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    Guy buying Guitar Center is Married to Girl From Crossroads

    I have to confess: that movie gave me the blooze. Hated it. I love Ry Cooder, though!
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    Falcon Set Up !!!!

    Well, you know, it depends on how busy the individual is, I'd guess....
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    Advice regarding an amp?

    Blues Junior is great in that range. Bump it up a little, and try out a Blues Deluxe Reissue...for a little more. Great tube presence with some nice dirt.
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    Strymon El Capistan Settings User Thread Only

    Yes, yes! My favorite pedal. But the Strymon wizards have other beauties, too. The Flint is a nice cool reverb/trem pedal.
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    what's as good as playing a gretsch??

    Playing a Martin comes pretty close, I'd say! Although a sweet Tele feels something like home, too.
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    Difference in weights between Falcons and 6120s

    I think the mojo thing is correct: the extra soul actually carries a weight with it.