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    No free postage???

    I can imagine it having a timeless life like the owner if you consider that he has already been embalmed. I am sure the transfer of his DNA with embalming fluid, will allow this to live on for centuries. That said, I don't need to pay $7.5 Mils for a guitar that will outlive me by seven or...
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    Little surgery coming up

    Having cataract surgery was one of the best decisions I made. My wife and kids were tired of finding reading glasses all over, sitting on them, and never having them when I needed them. Post surgery, I had one eye at 20/20 and the other slightly near-sited (-.25). I was amazed from having...
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    Little surgery coming up

    You, Sherry and your boys are in our prayers, keep the faith, keeping after it is the right choice. My Father survived it, he had surgery 23 years ago, and was reluctant due to all the "doom and gloom consultants" out there, and today he is still going. He obviously made the right choice...
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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, 1939

    Thank you Rene, well done. Your performance does justice to this timeless classic. This is still on the top ten requested list, and is considered a "must know" song in Hospice. The meaning can be interpreted as a song of hope, longing for great times that have passed, and numerous other...
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    Congratulations on a well-made, great sounding guitar, the Lollars are fantastic and versatile pickups. Love that color too. Thanks for sharing !
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    Copyright infringement?

    Shock, I completely agree with you. We had the same thing happen here with open mic nights in coffee houses. Realistically, a small percentage goes there for the music. Most of the people are socializing with the open mics being used as background music. This is an abuse of power since most...
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    He thought stock pick guard is no good.

    It is not my style, however it is easily to replace. Maybe it IS intended to be a theft deterrent. We used to keep the original logo cases at home, and used old beat up hard shell cases with duct tape on them....and yes, some times the duct tape was bright pink, had polka dots, or some other...
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    Guitar Collectors/Players Be Very Afraid..................

    @NJDevil I am aligned with you, I buy what we want to play. We have no wall hangers, nor any closet queens/kings we buy for the purpose of playing. If one happens to increase in value, great, but that was never our intention. If we find one not getting the playtime it deserves, we move it...
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    RIP Queen Elizabeth II

    This is very sad, most of us were hoping for at least 100 years of her, or more if it were possible. For someone to be that kind, sincere and humble consistently during her reign, is something that few could meet. We met her while I was in the Service preparing for a joint project, she made...
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    Yet another boring NGD

    @tartanphantom That is a wonderful suggestion, and looks great too, thanks for sharing.
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    How do I remove a soft wood endpin?

    @Seamus This is a great question. Without knowing if someone had used industrial glue, or hide glue, if pliers have not been able to get the job done, you may end up cracking the guitar by using brute force. This is what I suggest. Mask off the guitar near the base if the end pin, to avoid...
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    Gretsch bridge rattle; The amatuer approach to fixing the buzzzzzzzzz.

    Thanks Everyone, the creativity on this forum never stops amazing me.
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    NGD - it's a Gretsh. A square one. Very square one.

    @juks Belated Congratulations on a very comfortable, cool and a great tribute to the late great Bo Diddley. @Brian Krashpad, Thank You for sharing a picture of Bo playing his Gretsch similar to the ones we are discussing. I do remember seeing Bo play a Red rectangular (square as Bo referred to...
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    McCormick's Seasoning Packets

    We tried the Mojito Lime last night, it was amazing.
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    New Jet 'Glitch'?

    It could be a bad selector switch, or it could have been dirty from being sitting on a humid dock. In 2021 shipping was an issue with inventory sitting on ships or on docks. I had two G52XX series come in, with the same issues. The customers loved the guitars but did not want to have them sit...