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    Best clean amps

    JC 40 for hi fi solid state and killer chorus or Fender Blues Jr. for tube tone, both great for something affordable and not too loud. JC 40 has all the modern headphone out and aux in flexibility for quiet playing or playing against track. For more power and $$$ people rave about the Fender...
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    NGD! Big, Bold and Gold!!

    Look into a Towner Bar if you want a traditional Bigsby but don’t want to drill holes. Helps compensate for guitars that don’t have the neck angle. I bought a 6220 and wanted a Bigsby installed. Found out it needed a Bigsby with a bar for down angle pressure but those require drilling new holes...
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    Will i EVER get faster?

    I have the same challenge with tremolo picking. Got lots of advice and technique from great teachers but Miserlou at speed on the low E string isn’t happening. I’m naturally right handed but play lefty because I was a pianist before learning guitar..on piano left hand is for rhythm and right...
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    Storing guitars in or out of the case?

    My experience with gold plated hardware on my 6120-59LH was keeping it in the case, the off gassing of the glue for the plush was tarnishing the hardware. I store my guitar on a stand out of the case now and the tarnishing issue has ended
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    Yep got a lefty in Cadillac Green and put a B3 Bigsby on it with a Towner bar. Magnificent instrument and the Tim Shaw pickups sound like no other guitar. My only wish is in retrospect I wish it had the modern Gretsch logo inlay on the headstock but there you go. I guess with the retro logo no...
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    Hi all.... New 6228

    I've got the same guitar, but I put a B3 Bigsby on it with a Towner bar. Love it even more. Wondering, if I backed the pickups away from the strings, would it be a little less "humbuckery" and a bit "clearer?" I don't need the power and grind, looking for as much clarity as possible. Don't want...