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  • Go easy on that stock nut, old son. Standard issue is bone! I thought mine was plastic when I first got it, but it turned out that the stock bridge was sucking so much tone that everything sounded 'plinky'. Swap out the bridge. Get your Jet set up sweetly. Afer that, it's all good! :D
    l think i'm going to call my conscience 'lats'..all your words of advice [Tara/synchro too] both in direct posts and others have really sat with me...yep..solid titanium...Darrins rosewood bridge....just emailed Pops..looking at securing the base with that violin adhesive & getting a quality bone nut...joined the 'Rockin the Jets' a few days ago... suppose that makes me a Gretsch monk of sorts.. converted might be the word...wont be long before l get those gas pains again.. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..6128TDS MMMMM... HE HE HE MORE JETS MORE JETS GIMME GIMME SUCKIN FRUCKIN HE HE HE.:D p.s. should get by end of week..takes about 3 days @ $1850 del..good deal...aussie seller from melbourne..:D
    Cheers, Fender62custom! Ther's another Jet in the Hangar! :D

    You are going to install a sloid titanium Compton bridge, right?

    Check out the Social Groups tab (in the menu bar bove). Tara has a group called "Rockin' The Jets".
    Greeting LATS..l trust your well..your JET gave me so much gas pains ..the only cure to correct the ailment was to put forward my purchase....yep!! have agreed on a price and transferring $$$ before you wake most likely... another Caddy Green joins the ranks..could be twins them girls..will post photos of the 6136T- LTV and 6128T-1957CG in the coming week..cheers mate
    Backatcha, Sarge.

    New products can not be sold anywhere until the authorities in that jurisdiction are satisfied that the product meets local requirements. This lab performed Compliance testing on electronic products that provided recognized Evidence of Conformity to a wide range of international standards. Now, Calgary no longer has an accredited test lab, so manufacturers will have to get their testing done in eastern Canada or in the U.S. That's going to add major travel costs to their testing budgets, which will in turn affect their roll-out schedules for new products.

    It's a damn shame all 'round.

    And I've gotta find a new job.
    wow ! that's no fun. sorry to hear that, Dave. so, how do they suppose to do their quality control ? or did y'all do that there ? what is the target date ? have you heard from Jimmy ? I was thinking that "sixstringplayer" might have scared you off from over there. ha ha
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