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    5120 Tune problem

    Could also be a fret leveling problem.
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    Whats your favorite strings for your Gretsch

    On my 5120 I use Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom Strings. A hybrid set. gives me fat low notes and twang on the thick bottom strings without sacrificing the ability to bend and solo on top 3 strings.
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    TV Jones Classic . YES

    I installed the TV Jones Classics, and the Brass Compton bridge. LOVE it. The previous owner of my 5120 had double-sided foam tape under the bridge to keep it in place. Stop. Think about this: A piece of foam in between the wood of the bridge, and the surface of the guitar. The vibration from...
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    Do i really need an acoustic amplifier...

    I have a Fender Acoustasonic and I like it. I used to drag it around to gigs and then one night I decided to just plug my Gibson Jumbo into the PA and send some back to me in my small powered JBL wedge monitor. A touch of reverb and that's all I need for acoustic I also use a volume pedal and...
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    Why do bigsby's often appear so mis-aligned?

    Bigsbys hate light gauge strings. (my 2 cents worth)
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    New Song - Free Download

    Monique, Great work comes from great play. Have fun, the way you did when you were a child. Pick up your guitar. Play what makes you feel good. Hard work and determination are important too, but playing ...that's why they call it PLAYING. You learn from playing. Play on!
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    New Song - Free Download

    Recorded on a Zoom HD-16 hard disc recorder. (has 16 tracks) It's all I can afford, but I actually made an entire CD by myself on a Zoom MRS 10444, (10 tracks) If I had money I'd use better gear, but I don't. I just wanna make up songs. It's more fun than...
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    New Song - Free Download

    Here's a song that features the clean sweet sound of my Gretsch 5120. Using the stock Gretschbucker pickups recorded direct into the board (no amp) I used the neck pickup for the chords and both pickups wide open for the lead part. I used a Fender Jazz bass (also direct into the board) I hope...
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    Problem with my new electromatic

    By far, the best money I have spent on my 5120, was to have the frets leveled and to have the neck and action set up. I had it done by a professional experienced luthier who really knew what he was doing. It cost me about a hundred bucks, but it improved the guitar, and my love for the guitar...
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    5120 setup problem

    I added the penny to raise the whammy bar. I liked it, but ended up getting a 1 inch spring from Elderly Instruments. This was a complete improvement. It's smoother and more responsive, but I had to take that little white washer out, because with it in there, it's just too high. I thought about...
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    Just improved my 5120

    You shaved the guitar itself? Not the underside of the bridge?
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    White Falcon Specs

    Should a guitar that costs that much need a new bridge?
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    tv jones treble bleed

    Excellent work. Thanks for posting this.
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    My summer project: Upgrading my 5120

    Thanks guys. I designed the pick guard, and Greasy Grooves made it for me. Yes, I did have to ream the tuner holes out. I actually chickened out and took it to a guitar tech who used to graduated hand reamers to widen to holes. The holes are supposed to be 10 mm. But for some unknown reason they...