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    My new guitar is... a Bigsby!

    I smiled when you said 60th birthday. I guess we are all old rockers. I'm closer to 70 than I am to 65 and still enjoy getting out and performing. Course I just refer to myself as a strummer and a croaker but still having fun. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your new gift.
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    What exactly makes Hawaiian music-well Hawaiian?

    Thanks for the thread everyone. I found it very entertaining to play the various youtube cuts and listen to the distinctive sounds. Nice wake up.
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    Why do I need an Acoustic?

    That is the prettiest sub $200 I've seen in a long while. Love the inlays
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    Birthday gretsch!

    Check and see if you are signed in
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    Randy Bachman finally finds stolen 1957 6120

    Wow What a story. Thanks for posting
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    They have pedals for vocals too!

    The Voice is like the guitar. It takes practice make sweet sounds. If you are going to use voice pedals they also require practice to sound sweet I have a Helicon Acoustic Play. Works great but you have to work with it to get what you need out of it.
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    Look what I " found " and it came with a jack plate !... but no case

    I have a Univox LP. I got mine at Bestbuy in Canada. It is a good player and I have used it to gig. This reminds me of that guitar. As for the paint I think it's great and might even turn into a classic. For all the people that hate Kid Rock there are more that like him or he wouldn't...
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    Is anyone else done buying guitars?

    Yeah i've got to many too. My favorite is a Norman B20 and the wood is starting to wear like Willie's I like it so much I just bought another Norman but it's not the same
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    Battery amp?

    I have a Micro or Mini Cube picked it up at a pawn shop for $40. I was so impressed with it I got a Cube 30 when I saw it on used buy and sell for maybe $50. A friend has a Yamaha THR and it is definately the clear winner. Much louder, cleaner, just better sound with good effects. He has...
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    Well we finally got married!

    Fantastic Congratulations.
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    The cheap/beginner guitar that plays better then the expensive ones thread...

    The Godin is considered by many to be a quality guitar. They make the seagull, Art Lutherie, and Norman guitars and the Godin A6. While they have some lower priced models they are all great guitars. You can get some deals on them sometimes on the used market as people don't realize how good...
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    It’s Not an Endorsement Deal…

    You have more than 15 min of fame if you play in the LA area. Well deserved after years of hard but fun work. for those who can't find it.