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  • I am a new Gretsch owner. Interested in hearing a Gretsch jam. I am in love with the sound. I live near Scottsdale.
    Jukebox, I just received your friend request and,of course, I'd be honored. thanks for thinking of me. I'm new to Gretsch guitars but I have about 20 years of experience with lots of other makers. Looking forward to getting to know some of the regulars on the forum.
    Hey there, thanks for the friendship, you've got some really sweet guitars - I love that Rickenbacker 360, they've always been on my long-term wish list! Someday...
    All the best :)
    Just wondering why you requested me as a freind?? do we know each other?? Thank you, Ernie
    Juke you know, why I don't put pics up.I buy what I want when i want. God has provided for me. I do not wish others to envy me.
    Hi Jukebox,
    I just created a new group for story telling called Campfire Pals. I am trying to get a few members to join in the fun. Can you help spread the word.
    Hello, thanks for adding as a friend. i`ve benefited from lots of your contributions here on the forum, so thanks. Greetings from brazil.
    Yeah, I bought it from the store that had it on eBay. I ended up paying either $1800 or $1850. The scumbags sent me about 21 pics, but it had undisclosed damage conveniently avoided in those 21 pics. :(
    Due to the rarity alone, I really didn't want to return it, and the customer service was non-existent with the store.

    Love the guitar though, and I've never seen another Plainsman for sale so I'm happy I bought it when I saw it show up. Only 6 plainsman are known to still exist today, one of which is mine. :)
    Hi Jukebox!

    Since you are close to my age maybe you could help me. I got three pics of mu White Falcon. Tried yo post them this afternoon but they are nowhere to be found. I might not me computer whise enough for this game. Is there a specific place in the forum where I should post them?

    Many Thanks

    Hey Jukebox, after taking a better look at the site I realised I should be posting a link to the latest clip for our band Electric Lunchbox. It's a kids' band my wife and me have put together and we've just released our first album. The Gretsch gets prominent placement in the clip, not to mention the album cover. Here's the clip


    and here's our website:


    We're also on iTunes. But good to get the kids all Gretsched-up at an early age. Took my 8 yr-old to AC/DC last year, and first thing she said was "Malcolm's got a guitar like yours !" Close to the greatest moment of my life (Ha !)

    Cheers from Oz,

    Thanks Jukebox. cool site and cool people, would like to see, be part of the Northwood Jam someday. looks like a blast. thanks again
    Hey Jukebox, greetings from Oz. First cab off the rank re Gretsch buddys, so cheers to ya. Thanks for the request and look fwd to speaking with you soon.

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