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    Welcome to my build...

    This is really cool!
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    Gretsch Owners...What do you play?

    ya gotta love Gogol Bordello! That stuff is weird...I play mostly Rockabilly and Proto-Punk type stuff, but I like to mess with other genres as well.
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    Pickup help(good setup?) 5120

    Here's the link to the Montaigne method.
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    Pickup help(good setup?) 5120

    Paul Setzer drew this. It is a good idea. Also a member on the GDP called Montaigne, I believe, had an intersting pole piece adjustment that resembled a Tele Deluxe pickup by raising three pole pieces on each coil like these: I liked the Montaigne way for the Gretschbuckers.
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    Lets talk...Pomade :D

    I use American Greaser Supply Super 90 Weight Flat-Top Wax. I like to keep it in place with a little hairspray though so I don't have to constantly comb it all day.
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    De-relicing a guitar?

    Are you saying you wanna reverse the laws of thermodynamics!?!? Let me know how that goes:D
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    '59 6120 tribute build

    Well at the Gretsch Pages it's standard procedure to veer off topic like that...I guess it's not over here.:D
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    What type of strap do you like?

    I use those cheapo $5 Ernie Ball straps. Cheap, but effective at being a strap.
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    '59 6120 tribute build

    Yeah, I too was in the Gibson store in Nashville when I picked one off the wall. It was one of the ugliest, most awkward feeling guitars ever. I felt embarrassed for even touching it.
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    In defense of g5120 dual coil pickups

    I really hated the way the G'buckers sounded in my 5120, but they sound great in my SG. Sorry I insulted you, Gretschbuckers.
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    Square block in a round hole? or maybe not? G'buckers in Epi

    They do fit and they are a simple drop-in pickup. I've since put the bridge G'bucker in and they sound fantastic...and this is an Epi SG. I would rather have GFS Nashvilles any day, but I already had these on hand.
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    '59 6120 tribute build

    I think he's gonna do a Gretsch 6120 version of this:
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    why do I polish my Gretsch and not my Fender?

    It's the same way with me, my SG, and my 5120. I like my SG grimey as can be.
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    Just scored...

    Dang...I never score great deals! You're so lucky. By the way, is your profile pic of Alexei Sayle from the Young Ones? It's looks like it.
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    Modding a 5120 - 6120 lookalike

    I wondered that as well...