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    Expecting Too Much from my 5420?

    I don't think it's over investing if you like the sound etc. I put a TV Jones TV-HT (HTN-UVCHM) in the neck and another TVJ Power'Tron-Plus(PTP-UVCHM) at bridge. I also swapped out the bridge with a solid bridge. The tone is incredible now. I was never going to sell the guitar. So to me it...
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    Back to the forum

    Welcome back... Remembering songs is like washing a car. Ya kinda know what ya need and maybe ya get the order mixied up but then ya see your neighbor doing it and then ... oh yea soap first rinse second. Just remember what Lou Reed said: "Life's like a mayonnaise soda." . And BTW Em worked...
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    My currents mods on 5420 (about Black Tops, bridge, DIY clear PG…)

    I definetly agree with whats been said about the Korean construction. My only major complaint with the 5420 is the pickups are too close together. I have a G6128T-59Vs and the pick ups are spaced perfect for my style. I did swap out the pickups on the 5420 but now reading about changing out the...
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    First Gretsch!

    That's a nice color and those pickups are awesome. Gretsch has so many types of pickups to make your guitar unique. welcome!
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    Why do the fret markers stop at the 17th fret?

    wait, there's more than seventeen frets? weird.
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    Warning Hercules Guitar Double Stand I Am Sick To My Stomach 77 Guild X500 Wrecked

    That is a beautiful guitar. So sorry that happened. Many years ago I was jamming with some friends and my buddy had just got this brand new Paul for his B-Day. His wife bought it for him. Anyway long story short ... he had it on a stand which was on a thick plush carpet and as I walked by the...
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    Hi there

    Welcome! I always like those whammy bars better than the typical Bigsby.
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    "So There I Were..."

    I usually get that because I just use my fingernails to pick. I've never really noticed pick dust from when I use a pick.
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    Please Post your Dog or Pets :)

    Full name : Gia Filomena Jacomina. I usually just call her "cat"
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    Vintage amps

    I have two vintage and one fake vintage. A '73 Fender Champ , an early '80s Rickenbacker TR7 and a "60's" Bugera. I removed the original speaker from the Champ and replaced it with a Ted Weber Classic Alnico. All three are great clean sounding amps.
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    Under rated guitarists

    June Millington
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    Bigsby Spring smaller?

    What type of spring did you use to make it softer? My G6128T is very soft but my 5420 is stiff and I'd like it to be as soft as the G6128T.
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    5420 pup swap - and hello!

    I swapped mine out with a single coil and a standard TV Jones. Has a fat stratty sound with both and beautiful full tone with the single.
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    Show us your Relics!

    Ya it's got volume. Slide may be a good choice if it goes out of tune alot. maybe heavier guage strings. I had '68 Harmony Rocket , pickups were stamped Jan 12 1968. Anyway , it had a bigsby and I played the heck out of it until it just fell to pieces. So Yea have fun with it until that day...
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    Show us your Relics!

    Love that green. Are you gonna get the electronics revamped? and may a setup. That is such a cool looking guitar.