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    Tonight On Svengoolie

    gonna watch it. Thanks!
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    Summer heat wave brings a '('('(wet).).) $25 discount on EL PESCADORO Reverberant Hot Pre!

    Thanks for making such great pedals! The reverb is so awesome, for rockabilly, blues, funk, soul early country... I actually love playing surf music with it...Because the verb has character... I find its also good for playing Cream style blues rock and ZZ Top.. Think "Brown Sugar" off ZZ's...
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    Summer heat wave brings a '('('(wet).).) $25 discount on EL PESCADORO Reverberant Hot Pre!

    If i didnt have one, i'd buy it. and if i had money i'd buy another! This pedal only leaves reluctantly leaves the board when i'm experimenting.
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    Rat and rat-like pedals

    I don't want to derail the thread, but yes, thats my issue WAY to many people now. Its crazy.. Boston just keeps getting bigger, Malden is essentially like Somerville now. I'd love to move myself but then I see my nephews and I realize I could never live far from them. The rest of my family...
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    Rat and rat-like pedals

    Great name, i'm a sucker for fuzz......Yeah, probably no super beefs like that in Australia! Its changed so much in the last 5 years.. I'm in construction but even I don't like all the building going on. Landmarks going away and commercial property with apartments or condos on top is whats...
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    Rat and rat-like pedals

    I love my Proco Rat Whiteface Reissue... I had two and wish I kept the other one.. Worth a lot now. I'm a fuzz guy, but for me, you just cant beat the Rat.. It can do fuzzy things.
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    Jr Barnyard brings the Brown Note ..Bass-ically

    younger sister? More like its hotter cousin if you ask me! It really does make everything better... Though, I bought one with plans to sell the JR, but I still can't sell it.. Its kinda cool to have one before my Mystery Brain and after... Maybe you are right, its the Jrs. younger sister...
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    NGD Epiphone ES 295 Scotty Moore. One in one out.

    Nice NGD, I love mine but for some reason dont play it that much... But its an amazing guitar, looks, sound and playability... That one in one out is much harder than it seems... I'm trying to thin the herd myself.
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    NAD coming.... Supro Black Magick Reverb Combo...

    It sounds great... Played for about 20 minutes... But had very terrible day. Will post pics this weekend. only complaint is Musiciansfriend sold me a floor model.... I paid for a new one... Going to call in the AM.
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    NAD coming.... Supro Black Magick Reverb Combo...

    Wanted one for so long.. After seeing Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Evening..... GREAT show... Of course its Marshalls live, but it got me on a Zep kick again... That first album is the reason I got into 40s-60s early distorted blues sound... This amp seems like it can rock hard, surf, clean, get...
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    Brian setzer sound

    Brian is such a master, he changed my approach to playing... Also made me realize other masters do the same thing... Ride the volume knob... Thing is, he uses no pedals except for his 301.... Thats all, he just knows his gear.....
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    Got the Mystery Brain Today

    I love my Mystery Brain. Its the greatest pedal!
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    Monoprice Stageright 1w/15w - suggestions on getting more Chuck Berry crunch?

    dont look any further... Tavo here makes the El Pescadoro... hope I spelt it right. look it up!