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    Jr Barnyard brings the Brown Note ..Bass-ically

    younger sister? More like its hotter cousin if you ask me! It really does make everything better... Though, I bought one with plans to sell the JR, but I still can't sell it.. Its kinda cool to have one before my Mystery Brain and after... Maybe you are right, its the Jrs. younger sister...
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    NGD Epiphone ES 295 Scotty Moore. One in one out.

    Nice NGD, I love mine but for some reason dont play it that much... But its an amazing guitar, looks, sound and playability... That one in one out is much harder than it seems... I'm trying to thin the herd myself.
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    NAD coming.... Supro Black Magick Reverb Combo...

    It sounds great... Played for about 20 minutes... But had very terrible day. Will post pics this weekend. only complaint is Musiciansfriend sold me a floor model.... I paid for a new one... Going to call in the AM.
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    NAD coming.... Supro Black Magick Reverb Combo...

    Wanted one for so long.. After seeing Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Evening..... GREAT show... Of course its Marshalls live, but it got me on a Zep kick again... That first album is the reason I got into 40s-60s early distorted blues sound... This amp seems like it can rock hard, surf, clean, get...
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    Brian setzer sound

    Brian is such a master, he changed my approach to playing... Also made me realize other masters do the same thing... Ride the volume knob... Thing is, he uses no pedals except for his 301.... Thats all, he just knows his gear.....
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    Got the Mystery Brain Today

    I love my Mystery Brain. Its the greatest pedal!
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    Monoprice Stageright 1w/15w - suggestions on getting more Chuck Berry crunch?

    dont look any further... Tavo here makes the El Pescadoro... hope I spelt it right. look it up!
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    Vintage 47 Amp Question

    The VA185, Mighty Mini and I have a Comet, Tremotone that I love, but i'm trying to sell but not aggressively because I subconsciously want to keep it. They It does surf pretty good... But I never go super clean.... I ride the volume on my guitar.... I'm just talking rockabilly, surf blues and...
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    Vintage 47 Amp Question

    That's what i use....
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    Vintage 47 Amp Question

    I have three, selling one.. The Mighty Mini produces my favorite tone out of any guitar. The VA185 is great as well. They are perfect for 40s-60s music... Very touch sensitive. "Maybelline" to "Move it On Over" to "Mystery Train", it does it all very well.. Throw in a distortion pedal and you...
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    roy orbison doc

    The thing about Roy is, his music sounds timeless. Some of his tunes could be hits today.
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    The stomach bug thread

    yup, my uncle (by marriage) has a family history of colon cancer and polyps.. He was a year late w/ his colonoscopy because the way things are now, maybe a few other factors too... He had a scare, but luckily he is ok.... It could have gone the other way. Things like that are sadly common now.
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    How fake is my Setzer ?

    faker than Pam Andersons......youknowwhats... Sorry that it happened to you. I hope you get a refund.
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    The stomach bug thread

    yeah, I started my back working out this morning, it was tough at first, a little easier as it went on.. But I got real winded easily. Got home a little early from work, tried doing my after work sledgehammer swinging and I just didn't have the power. But, I guess it just going to take a few...
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    The stomach bug thread

    Some of that food looks good, but I don't even like eating from food trucks. On day 6 or 7, can eat but still fatigue and some dehydration.. just found out my sister in law has covid.... I work with my brother. I'm young and healthy and have never personally been nervous about the virus for...