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    Relic gone wrong, case number 1,352,806

    My Squier Bullet telecaster is reliced from dozens of trips away from being bashed by camping gear in the back of the car. It’s sunburst too, might ask for $900, at least it’s got real wear and tear. It’s actually a great guitar.
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    Guitar Player: Vintage, Rare and Cool. This Gorgeous Cast of 1950s Gretsch White Falcons is a Collector’s Dream

    I’ve never liked white falcons, the pure white and gold is too much for me but these off white yellowing ones are stunning, the finish looks natural blonde almost. I’d like the humpblock one.,
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    How’s your 2016 Streamliners going?

    Holding up ok? Frets wearing out or been replaced? Electrics still holding up? Has the sound improved with age? I’ve got a G2420, lots of corrosion on the metal, frets worn but still ok and electrics have been dismal since day 1. But it’s beautiful unplugged, sounding better all the time and...
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    How much of an upgrade B60 to B6?

    My B6 is worse than the b60. It’s sloppier in the hinge so it’s not perfectly straight to the bridge. I only got it cause I couldn’t find another B60.
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    Gretsch Super Chet / Chet Atkins

    I never knew Gretsch did inlays like that. White falcons should have inlay work like that.
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    Couples photo lol...

    Betty and Veronica
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    Jokes thread

    I could post a similar one with a kids leg and a guy that has me crying with laughter but my first joke got me banned for a month and so would that. Here’s a family safe one.
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    youtube advert bombardment

    I’m happy to pay too. $12 month for 3 or 4 hours of entertainment daily is a bargain. From documentaries to guitar reviews and a million other things it’s good value.
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    Full back tattoo show your ink

    My wife has so many I don’t even notice new ones. Full back, arms, ankle, foot and front. She had the latest one for 6 weeks before telling me I hadn’t noticed.
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    Your Next Gretsch Guitar?

    I’d like a 2420 Streamliner in Cadillac green with humpblocks. They don’t make them yet but if they do that’s the only guitar I’d like. I won’t be buying again unless Gretsch adds them to the lineup.
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    Crimes Against Humanity ('57 Jet @ Local GC)

    I’m sure most of us have been guilty of similar crimes against humanity. My uncle was a surfboard shaper, in the late 70s he’d bring home boards they had sitting out the back, must’ve been nearly 20. To us they were old crap, we’d be shamed by our mates if we ride them so they got destroyed...
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    Vintage case psa

    It’d go well with a late 50s early 60s with bad binding rot. Sell both as a worst example there is. Open the case at your own risk. Stinky and skanky.
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    Well, that's certainly a different take on a Gretsch...

    For $6500 you can get a few nice Gretsch guitars and a maybe a couple of Squiers with the change. Looks like something from a Dr Seuss book.
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    NGD 5420 Aspen Green

    Still haven’t got round to putting new strings on. After virtually taking the top of my left index finger off with a pair or secateurs. If you want to really know what pain is try doing a string bend, driving a .10 deep and slicing the wound open again. I’m waiting a bit more before picking up a...
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    Guitar World: Gretsch G2420 Streamliner review

    I’ve got one, I added a Bigsby, pickguard and G knobs. They’re a really nice guitar, pretty loud unplugged and the lighter laurel fretboard matches the natural finish. The neck profile on mines a beauty. Some other guys here have modded theirs and they look really good.