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  • Hey I never got a chance to say goodbye before I left(you ladies dissapeared)anyway it was great jamming the "mexican stuff" with you.We need to get together and share some more guitar tunes.BTW, I do have a drum set, so I can accompany you.
    . Well, I might be selling a couple to get myself out of the red, financially?? Although, I'm trying to make that the last thing I do, if'n I decide to actually go through with it.
    I hear you have alot of gee-tars,how about you let me test drive a couple of em? BTW,The test drive might last a few months.
    I was offline recently and I missed hearing about you winning the Black Penguin...just wanted to say congratulations!
    HRM, we are dyin over here!!!! Post some pics and a thread about winning that Black Penquin!!
    Hey heartbreaker, great photos! Love that Falcon, now you need a Playboy amp to go with it!!!
    Thanks for accepting my "friend" invite. Your taste in cars & guitars (not to mention parasols, but that doesn't rhyme) is impeccable!
    Hey Michelle, thanks for the friend add :) welcome again!
    You should come & join the gals group I've just set up on here! - click here!
    Hope you're having a great weekend! :D
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