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    Tommy Harkenrider on a TK CC-equipped Tele ... just cuz

    ... well, I really like this guy's playing and always hear good sounds from TK Smith's take on the Charlie Christian pup, so ... the latest from Tommy's channel; he's running flat 12's on that Tele and going through a "Class A custom amp by Kevin Nelson":
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    Bought my Dream Home...i'm so Blessed!!

    Victor, I'm so happy for you! The photos are spectacular -- now this wonderful house is yours to make a happy home. I hope you'll update us with pix once you're all moved in. ... What a great beginning!
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    Delayed NGD picture

    Fantastic pic -- congratulations on both recent additions!
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    Streamliner 2420 does rock!!

    Great playing, sir! You're doing that Streamliner proud.
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    Congrats to the Cubs

    Ha! Think of those devoted fans who didn't make it to see it end. :(
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    Joel Paterson: Cubs Fan

    Me, too!
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    Joel Paterson: Cubs Fan

    Hooray! It's about time!
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    Joel Paterson: Cubs Fan

    The latest at his youtube channel -- I see he's all primed for game 7:
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    New Composition -- "Thank You"

    I had just listened to your youtube post before seeing this thread. Your composition is very interesting -- I like it! -- and I like the fact that you don't shy away from using the bridge pickup in this type of playing.
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    Need a favor: cast your votes for Elektra!

    Voted -- good luck!
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    Open Mic turns into gig

    I joined a few years ago too, hoping to find a good jam one, but there's never anything shaking around here to interest me. I'm sure the opportunities are much better in your burg.
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    Guitar Picks

    I'm guessing NOT "Summertime Blues." How those pics sound/work out?
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    May be Englishman's next build

    Twin necks for the lazy without bad backs?
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    Guitar Picks

    I'll have to start doing that -- hopefully I'll eventually get 'em all in shape, so if I do lose one I'll be OK.