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  1. 2014 Black Penguin CS

    2014 Black Penguin CS

  2. 2014 Black Penguin CS

    2014 Black Penguin CS

  3. Gretschgreen


    5422 caddy green
  4. Gretsch G5422T

    Gretsch G5422T

    Just acquired, a nice caddy green 5422.
  5. Gretschaholic

    Country Club- caddy green- pics!

    That's a spectacular guitar. Love those thin CC's.
  6. Gretschaholic

    ''Let's see your NON Gretsch guitars!!! your favs

    Mjt jaguar with 60's tort and maxon humbuckers Reverend Slingshot 2004 Relic partscaster mostly Monster Relic parts.
  7. Gretschaholic

    My daughter with the new G5022CE

    She's crazy good!
  8. Gretschaholic

    G54xx pictures then?

    It's my new sauna..... No, sorry :) Just the inside of my 5420.
  9. Gretschaholic

    G54xx pictures then?

    Looks cosy.
  10. The Rambler again.

    The Rambler again.

  11. Gretschaholic

    G54xx pictures then?

    I know, been wanting one for a long time. Nya Musik i Jönköping had one so I ordered it from them.
  12. 2012 Electromatic 5420t

Love this one

    2012 Electromatic 5420t Love this one

  13. Gretschaholic

    G54xx pictures then?

    Here is my new 5420 Caddy green. I can recommend it greatly.
  14. Gretschaholic

    Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

    Had the caddy green 5422 been available in Europe I'd be all over it. Too bad it's not.
  15. Gretschaholic

    Dynas polepices set from factory?

    The Dynas on my club were adjusted when I got it so I suppose it's factory.

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