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  • Hey there... I think I might be getting scammed. Thought someone should know. I am not falling for it but there might be others.
    Proud Owner of a 1972 Gretsch "Super Chet" , 46 years old and still on the road with me.
    Best guitar I ever played.. I played them all Les Paul, Fender Strats, Telecasters, Richenbakers, Gibson and on and on....I have dropped it, fell over on the floor, etc. still in tune. I play 120 to 150 gigs a year, it is still by my side and maybe to the grave. Jim 75 and still kick'in"
    Hi I wrote on my profile a wrong date of birth, the correct is 31 dicember 1966 --- Thanks
    Hello, I posted a list of Gretsch and Fender books and something funky happened and then I can't delete it and tried to create another and it did the same thing...... I hope I didn't break something? Can you help, is it the format?
    Your PM box must be broken as well...
    Dear Gretsch-Talk Members

    I hope you can help me. My name is Debbie - I am writing this using my dad, "Harry"s Post to help him locate a guitar. He is trying to locate a Gretsch Model 6120 Nashville Guitar. His good friend, "The Guitar Doctor" - A.C. Lail in Granite Falls N.C. sold the guitar for him - and dad never knew who came and bought it. A.C. passed away some years back - and we don't know if there was even a record of the sale kept. Dad didn't keep a record of the serial number, etc. There was also a big, heavy Gibson Twin Reverb amplifier that was sold at the same time - not sure if the same fella bought the amp too.

    The chances of locating the person who bought the guitar and finding out if he'd be interested in selling it back to us so we can keep it in the family -- well, I know it's a very slim chance - - but, I just have to try. My dad doesn't know I'm posting this message. I'll be checking to see if anyone responds.

    He isn't sure of the year - est. 1967 -1969.

    The 6120 Chet Atkins Orange 'Nashville' Hollow Body had Double Cut-Aways, 2 f-holes painted on the guitar - It had the rectangular brass plate secured by four pins and engraved "Chet Atkins / Nashville / Model". It came with the original hard-shell grey guitar case.

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this post. I truly appreciate any ideas or suggestions you may have to help me locate the owner of the Gretsch.


    Harry's determined daughter, Debbie
    Please remove my post, "Just Lost A Friend." The Damiani family as asked me to do so. Thank you.

    1959 "The Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman" with B-# Bigsby whammy bar , arrow thru G knobs. hollow body no cutouts patent applied for pickups and Ivory half-moon fret markers
    Serial number 30409, Mahogany.

    Has nicotine stained Ivory trim from being played in Nightclubs for years.

    Was wondering what the apporximate.retail value was.
    It does load but takes a couple of minutes and that could just be my connection at times. I think what is happening with page 13 is theres a very large picture in that post and has slowed down the loading..
    Thanks: Wayne
    For a few days now the Compton Compensated Custom Bridges thread is unable to get to the last post?
    Thanks: Wayne Compton
    Hi there, accidentally opened a thread on effects pedals in the Electromatic forum. Could you move it to the Pedal Pushers Forum please?
    Hello...I emailed earlier today. Please take down the post, "Setting The Record Straight On Gibson QC." It could cause Alto Music trouble, and I don't want that to happen. Thank you.

    Hi I suggest that you read the last page of the Guitar center thread and consider
    ending it. Some people want to argue even when others try to calm things down and it is going to get nasty. Thanks
    I would like to contribute to the forum. I live in Australia. I tried buying Gretsch stuff and then adding a note to say "dont ship to me - send it to a forum member chosen at random, or simply keep the donation". My PayPal payment was refunded. Can I just make a donation via PayPal? I just want to contribute in some small way to G-T.
    Thanks, audept.
    I need some help to locate the plastic piece on the head for my 68 Gretch Clipper and also the plastic cap for my tone control. I've been looking for over 2 years and can;t seem to locate these parts, HELP...
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