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    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Can't say I didn't warn ya! Great looking guitar. Gretsch doesn't have any low level guitars as far as I'm concerned, only different levels for all. Enjoy the ones you have.
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    Spark amp troubleshooting help request…

    Try posting on the Positive Grid Community Forum while you're waiting. You may find some help there.
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    Spark amp troubleshooting help request…

    Try a factory reset. I've had to do this on occasion. Other than that all I can suggest is to post your question on the "Spark Amp Lovers" facebook page. You'll find lots of help. It's a fun little amp for sure.
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    Gretsch G5220 Case Recommendations?

    This is the exact case that came with my 5220 two years ago. A very nice case indeed.
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    NGD 6120-1960

    Now that's what I'm talk'n bout! Congrats on a great score!
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    Color/Colour Song Thread

    Blue Swede Shoes Yellow Submarine Lady in Red White Sport Coat Yep, I'm that old.
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    How many orange guitars do you have?

    Just one 5120 in avatar. Would love a 6120 in orange though. Maybe some day.
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    Ampless modeler into headphones

    You already have one. The Spark doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer. Once you have your four presets, use it like a regular amp or just use the default settings and tweak them as you would on any amp. Mine sounds great especially through headphones although I try to limit my headphone use...
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    On the board now...

    Welcome to the fold...looks like you'll be a perfect fit here. Congrats on your Gretsch choice and yes, the wait is the pain but it'll be worth it.
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    G5220 and Pick Up Question

    Yep, same here.
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    Another new member from Texas

    Welcome to GT Blusey. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here.
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    >> Truss Rod and Intonation

    Sounds right to me. You can easily reverse the saddles to gain more travel if needed and also some leeway on the posts.I put one on my 5120 with no problem.
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    Expecting Too Much from my 5420?

    Welcome hour9. Folks should be along soon to help you out.
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    New Member in Victoria, BC

    Welcome from the East. Congrats and enjoy your new purchase....very pretty.
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    New Gretsch Owner

    Welcome to the fold. Nice guitar you chose. Another "mod" you might try on your next string change is to to bring the strings over the top of the stoptail. I did this on my 5220 and like it. It reduces the break angle (for easier bends) and maybe increases the sustain slightly... and like your...