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    NGD 2 my first 6xxx

    Congrats on a great find...even the case looks beautiful. Enjoy the love affair.
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    The gall of some people (like me)

    All the best for a speedy recovery so you can get back to playing those Gretsches.
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    Need Your Gretsch Expertise Please

    Welcome aboard @Slapshot1. You'll get lots of helpful advice here. Good luck in your quest.
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    Bigsby Break Angle and Tuning Stability

    No expert here either but from what I understand, the shallower the break angle without popping the strings off the bridge, the better. That's why I overwrapped the stoptail on my 5220. It makes for much easier bending although it never had a tuning problem, but then no Bigsby involved. I would...
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    Waiting for the rain

    Waiting for the rain here in the Atlantic region, particularly New Brunswick and even more so Nova Scotia. Huge and dangerous forest fires with people losing their homes. Fortunately no lives lost as of yet. At least two $25,000 fines issued in N.B. for people ignoring the "No Fire" ban. Duh!
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    G5122 Information

    Welcome aboard @paulviola. Enjoy the ride. Lot of great folks here to help you out.
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    Greetings from the PNW!

    Welcome aboard @raneym305. I see you're enjoying the ride here already. Great Gentleman you have to keep company with. Congrats on the find and enjoy.
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    Greetings from the PNW!

    Oh, oh ...see what happens? The ADDICTION.
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    Hello from Manchester , England

    Welcome to go your Gretsch home. Good luck with the search.
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    Dodgy deals

    Another example of a "Dodgy deal" He's advertising this as " Used in New condition" and describes it as "Mint". For heaven's sake, at least clean it up!!!
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    NGD G6120-DC

    I can see why you'd be "SOOO happy". She's a corker. Congrats and it shows the virtue of patience, of which I have a problem. Rock on.
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    Dodgy deals

    Yesterday I responded to an ad on FBMP for a hardshell case for an acoustic guitar. It showed all necessary measurements and showed well in the photo. Advertised as "Used in New Condition", Well the used part was accurate but certainly not in new condition or even close. The hardware was...
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    Roy Clark was funny

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic. No wonder the boys are watching in awe. I was always a fan but hadn't seen this before. Thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome aboard @Jackpine Savage. Enjoy the ride here. We love pics whenever you have the time.
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    Dodgy deals

    Well I can't believe it. Who da thunk? ...but how's the intonation?