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    For Sale/Trade Gretsch G6120-BSNV-SMK Brian Setzer “Smoke”

    For sale is a wonderful Gretsch 6120 Brian Setzer Smoke guitar. Made in 2019, in very good to excellent condition. Has an amazing finish. Some super light whisp like marks on the back, the kind you can’t really photograph. Has a few minor dings on the sides and one on back (see pics). Just a bit...
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    G6118T with FT-67 pups vs. Older G6118T

    Anyone like those FT-67s?
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    G6118T with FT-67 pups vs. Older G6118T

    I’m looking to buy a G6118T PE guitar and haven’t been able to find any audio of the newer models with the FT-67 pups. I’m tempted to buy one of the newer models since used prices (on older models with the high sensitivity Filtertrons) are so close to new. But I’d like to have an idea of what...
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    Mystery White Falcon

    Keeping this thread alive, just to find out if anyone has more info on this? Really a killer falcon.
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    Mystery White Falcon

    Very cool. Also, the bigsby on mine is the original tailpiece.
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    Mystery White Falcon

    Kind of a cool history it turns out... was owned by Glenn Frey's guitar tech. And pickups optimized by none other than Thomas V. Jones himself. I have owned 3 previous Falcons, all great, but this one has a ring and sustain that is bell-like. I'm almost positive it's a carved maple top. Neck...
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