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    Accused to be a scammer on Reverb

    I deleted my Reverb account several years back due to the changes they made in payments and the general hassle with situations like the OP is describing. On top of that, there was the whole 1099K debacle in the US. These days I just purchase gear online (only very limited selling) and try to...
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    Black Guitars

    My 6120 DSW with TV Jones T-Armond pickups.
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    Fraud on Reverb

    So, you reported the fraud to and yet the “Gear Outlet” account is still up and functioning? Why haven’t they disabled the account?
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    What piece of gear did you get twice?

    My Roland BC-60 amp. Got my first one used around 1999. Then my amp quest went as follows: BC-60 —> Fender Cyber Deluxe —> Tech 21 TM-60 —> BC-60 #2 —> Roland Blues Cube Artist (my current gigging amp) I also have a BC-60 amp chassis that I repaired and is fully functional, awaiting a new...
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    Sweetwater vs. Reverb

    Here is the link: Sweetwater Gear Exchange Looks similar to Reverb and I actually like the fact you can use it to earn credit towards new gear at Sweetwater. I wonder if this gets around the 1099K issue? I also like that I can use my PayPal account to get paid rather than having to give my...
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    I am done selling on Reverb - a saga

    Sorry about your experience. I quit Reverb after they raised their fees and demanded my bank account number to sell there. Then there was the 1099K debacle and many other things which made me dislike doing business on their site. Maybe things will improve someday but until then I’m out…
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    Marcus Deml...for those who never heard of him

    Great playing! Reminds me a bit of Jeff Beck.
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    NGD... well tomorrow it will be!

    I normally wouldn’t go for a penguin but this coral color is great! Maybe if you leave a shell pink guitar in the sun for a while, it will look like this. 😄
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    Show me some amps...

    A friend was selling it and I said I’d take it off his hands. :) The distortion is quite good, especially with the frequency-adjustable midrange control. The problem is that it’s 100 watts, 2x12 and very loud! So I don’t normally operate the master volume above 9 O'clock. Even at low...
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    Show me some amps...

    Solid state…
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    No more Tube amps?

    I think some enterprising entrepreneurs will see a business opportunity here and develop a highly automated tube production facility outside of China or Russia. 3D printed parts, robot assembly. Why not? It’s not rocket science but in fact old technology. It could be done. Meanwhile, for us...
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    Headstocks. Lets see ‘em

    Another steer…
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    New Reverb selling requirement

    Welcome to 2022. The reality is that this new 1099K reporting requirement will likely have a significant chilling effect for all online sales platforms. Ordinary folks like you and I will be less likely to sell merchandise online but rather use online Classifieds like Craig’s List and Facebook...
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    roy orbison doc

    Great documentary - thanks for sharing that! I’ve played “Pretty Woman” and “Blue Bayou” with my work band in the past. Great songs. Roy was a tremendous talent.
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    Found this Gretsch on FB. Real or not ?

    I could make a joke about FB fact checking but I won’t…:D Yeah, that’s a pretty bad fake!