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    Gretsch Custom Shop's new 2022 Masterbuilt collection

    Considering the inflation we have, the price for a custom built guitar is not super bad, not that I would buy one. Went into the supermarket to get a whole chicken... It was $28.00 so no 2 chickens in every pot anymore.
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    You and me both, I've got "Ol Red" a 1960's Univox ES335, always my main squeeze, still is
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    The Guitar Purchase Years

    HOLY CRAPOLA, That is a lot of guitars. From 1965 - 1970 I had ONE, Got another but then I gave the first one to my nephew (a nice Silvertone in an amped case) from 1971 - 2006 only the one, then I bought a new Fender Telecaster, later traded the Tele for a Gretsch and a Strat, Now I had Three...
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    My brand new G2215-P90 was shipped without a Pickguard

    Ya a lot of members reply BEFORE reading the posts. :)
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    If Correct, It's A Sad Day For Rock and Roll

    I fail to see how a death is tragedy, It is a natural part of life, we are all going to do it whether we want to or not. I do get sad when death comes to love ones, having lost 3 children.
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    If Correct, It's A Sad Day For Rock and Roll

    Rumors, alive and well, well at least Stevie
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    Does A Guitar Look Make You Buy?

    The perfect guitars for keeping stage crashers OFF the stage.
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    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    If he didn't he should have, no just kidding no violence here !!!
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    Nervous changing hollowbody pickups

    Makes for a fun evening
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    Rat and rat-like pedals

    Aw come on, the greatest Roast Beef is only at Kelly's on Revere Beach or their other store on Rt 1. Hardly ever get there as I am on the South Shore, no Kelly's here :(
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    Help Identifying Guitar - Monkees

    Way Kool Guitar, Hope you get to keep it ! If instead they want to sell, let us (ME) know.
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    Watering down the product?

    They are controlled by Fender after all.
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    Cheap Guitars…

    OLD inexpensive yet well built = Univox 60's made in Japan Es335 copy. Even today it plays and looks better than the Epiphone version. Binding is still tight, finish not bad, buckle rash and cymbal crashes. Original pickups and electronics. Sounds awesome, I keep her with my expensive models...