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    Best home amp for Gretsch 6122 59

    I did not read through the entire thread, but, what kind of music do you primarily play? If you are going for a rootsy, rockabilly, sound, I would try to try out a tweed deluxe, of which there are many different builders so finding a used one should not be a big problem. Another consideration...
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    Best clean amps

    Big fan of he Roland Blues Cube. I have the Stage (65 watts max) model. Cleans all day long, but, best part is the built in attenuator..goes down to .5 watts, which may or may not a feature useful for you, but for house playing very useful.
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    New here

    Hello from Georgia
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    New Noob du Jour

    Hello from Georiga
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    Old Guy Deja Vu

    Hello rom Georgia
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    Red Duo-Jet Fire Bird

    Hello from Georgia
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    My Gretsch G6118T-LIV

    Hello from Georgia
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    New Gretsch lover

    Hello from Georgia
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    Hello from Georgia
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    "Baby Don't Go".......

    So many good versions of this song.
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    Hello from the front range - Longmont, CO

    Hello from Georgia
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    6120t-59vs or Setzer Smoke?

    Which one do you prefer?