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  • Well well well, look who's back :D Jet royalty united! I've missed you!! We have excellent timing, don't we? I'm so glad to see you're still around too!! Hope everything is going well with you and your new chompers are all done & not giving you any trouble! T.x
    Hey hey! you're alive! :D I've missed you, my Jetty brother from another mother! I was wondering where you've been! I just re-appeared a few days ago myself (click here for details). Hope everything is Jet-tastic with you & life is treating you well :D

    BTW, tried to PM this but your inbox is full.. tsk tsk tsk ;)

    Take care & rock on,
    is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet?
    the waiting is torture, even from this viewpoint, so you must be going through hell!!!
    I'm having visions of you caressing a certain flightless bird, you're meant to have it by now aren't you?.. are you holding out on us? :cool:
    Now THAT would be awesome.. if you do end up going on a grand home-hunting tour be sure to check it out, I fell in love with that city & can't wait to be back there.. :D

    Focus on the DynaJet, it will ease the pain :)
    I think you're MY Hero! lol.. I'd kill to be able to maintain a habit like yours :D
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