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  • Hey Alan!

    Thanks for the concern :) I'm ok, I've just gotten really busy since I've been back from Fiji, surprisingly enough, it's actually all related to Toronto! I'm definitely still moving, as soon as I can, just clearing the last of the hurdles!! :D Can't wait!

    Things should be quieting back down now, and I should be on here a lot more again :)

    I hope you're well & you're having a wonderful weekend!

    Thank you...again! I really appreciate the feedback and the plugs. Every bit of it helps.
    Thanks for the nice thoughts. Spiritually and mentally, I'm fine. The warmth helps some, but it's just something I have to accept. Be well and enjoy!--Alan
    Thanks Alan! hope you're feeling better at the moment & the Arthritis is giving you a little break now that it's warmed up :)
    I'm so sorry for you Alan, that's horrible! I hope a miracle cure is around the corner for you (or at least a treatment that will leave you pain & deterioration free), I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, you hang in there & rock on! :)
    Hey coolbus. Check out the thread now. I have a number of new pics, including a couple of the parts that will be installed.
    Thanks for the tip. We're getting the artwork ready to submit to BNP Lasers (the company that does the engraving for amplates.com). They were next on my list :)
    "I've just posted some pics in the Psychobilly group. Also check out WW2 nose art on American combat planes. Also All Psters has a great collection of pin-ups to suit your tastes, from mild to wild!"

    Hi coolbus, where is your pyschobilly group and air plane art pics exactly?!... I want them !!! Tx.
    Not exactly. In american terms, hindsight is 20/20.

    It's easy to know what to do AFTER the problem is fixed.
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