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    Bigbsy Trem

    Dive bombs??
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    ''MORE W FALCON PORN'' by request!!

    Here's mine. You won't find a more beautiful guitar.
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    NGD and it's a White Falcon!!

    Turning 52 this weekend so my wife decides to get me something special.
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    New (to me) 6118T coming tomorrow!

    Mine never fails to garner a positive response. The look and tone are fantastic.
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    Show Yourselves!

    Working on some jazz progressions on my Annie before a recent gig. and enjoying a beautiful November day with my 52 Tele.
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    Where, oh where can I get a V-cut B6??

    Bigsby on and looking good!
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    what amps do you guys use?

    My VOX AC15 and my Blues Jr. do quite well for most venues I play now days.
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    Where, oh where can I get a V-cut B6??

    Beautiful guitar Martin! How easy/ hard was it to attach the B6?
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    My new G6118

    looks like the holes match up with the ones holding the current tailpiece.
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    My new G6118

    I bought the Bigsby B6C to put on mine. Do I have to drill into the top of the Annie or does it just rest on top? The specs show this one is stock on the G6118T.
  11. gretsch 6118 006

    gretsch 6118 006

  12. gretsch 6118 002

    gretsch 6118 002

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    IMG 1668

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    IMG 1616

  15. new guitars 006

    new guitars 006