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    Sweet dude, yeah, I have only recently discovered the whole drone scene. I discovered it mostly through the Boris/Sunn 0)) album Altar and since then it has just really grown on me. Speaking of Vinyl, do you have Domkirke? I just found it in a Chicago record shop and it is super awesome, like I think the last track is the scariest sounding thing I have ever heard.
    Yeah, I have that on vinyl. There's another one on gold vinyl I just got, too, but the name escapes me. It has that dude Oren Ambarchi who does the opening track Sin Nanna on Black One and a live drummer which I believe is a first for them. It's live in Australia. Also, if you haven't heard Oracle, it's amazing. And the last thing I'll recommend in this post is a project that I think was Stephen O'Malley and the electronic musician Peta doing a collaboration called KTL. The first two are really good, but I haven't heard the third one.

    If you like Boris (I wore my Altar T-shirt to work today), they did a collaboration with a Japanese extreme noise artist named Merzbow called Sunbaked Snow Cave that's really awesome. A single hour-long track. Merzbow is Masami Akita who produced some of Sunn 0)))'s Flight of the Behemoth album.

    Something limited to watch out for is a limited Sunn 10" vinyl on the Blast First Petite label. It's part of a series of tributes to the band Suicide. The first four or so are already out, and the Sunn one was supposed to be out in December, but the releases are behind schedule.
    Hey stupid, why doesn't you have no photer abblums? Ain't ya got no photers? Wake up ROUSTE!
    Hey, there campers. I am one confuciuskickstand, otherwise known as Rob. I am an enormous fan of almost all kinds of music, though when I sit down to write it, it mostly comes off as prog, post-rock, or drone. I am also WAY into heavy metal, but really suck at the fast-pickin', so I don't play that quite as much. I really like Gretsch guitars, and own one, but am not really brand loyal to anyone. I figue, hey give 'em a chance. Drop me a message or don't w/e.
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