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  • I really like that strap you did. Better than even those you did for my wife and I.
    Hi Bob,

    Wanted to let you know that I cannot be happier with the 6120. This thing rules. I am not sure what kind of magic you added to this thing but every time I go to tune it, it is already in tune. I mean I have literally not had to tune it since I first got it. It is amazing!


    Hey Bob - I just wanted to drop by and thank you once again for the beautiful strap. It'll take pride of place on the Falcon!! I'll pay you for the next one... I owe you a photo as well and we'll do that next time I'm in Chicago. Best wishes, Darrel Higham
    Hey Bob, thanks again for the wonderful strap, all my friends in germany likes it !!

    Very good job !

    I would like to thank you for selling the CG to me, could not be happier with it, it's now my main guitar!

    Thumbs up for Bob, a great guy!
    Hey, sorry but I just got your message about taking the heat off you with Juicebox.

    So are those both your sons you play with? Man, that would be the coolest.
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