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    Chet Atkins

    Thanks for putting my hip to this I had never heard it before. absolutely fantastic
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    67 Viking

    Beautiful guitar beautiful workmanship doesn’t matter increase decrease who cares it makes you happy and that’s what counts it’s beautiful good for you you save the great instrument
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    Hello from Boston!

    Great choice enjoy
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    Introducing the Historic Series Model X archtop

    Beautiful enjoy yourself
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome aboard a lot of great people here
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    Hi everyone!

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    Justin Does the Gretschy Resonator

    Very talented individual
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    Anyone switched hands due to arthritis or injury?

    I'm 67 years old naturally right-handed and due to a physical injury I'm aspiring to play guitar left-handed so far so good. The important thing is to keep the faith and keep pushing aircraft. You already know how to play guitar so you've got a leg up already.
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    What’s your most comfortable guitar?

    My Gretsch g5230 produces beautiful sounds, my back likes my Ibanez I believe it to be an artcore I think a AG 55 whatever 55 model has the fixed bridge.
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    White Falcon - Origin Story & History Video

    Good stuff thank you for doing that
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    New Puppy!

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    New DEAD HOMBRES song!

    Great Sound like it alot
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    THE WILD WEST - a new, original 60's style instrumental.

    Wow great stuff thank you.
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    New 5410T...with "unavoidable" fret buzz

    Club the tech in the head with the guitar. Return it for another one. I have a 5230 LH plays like a dream