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    The World's Smallest Mitre Saw!

    Great job! There is no better feeling than when a homemade gizmo yields professional results!
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    Temptaion Eyes (lead tab...)

    Usually I can disect a guitar lead and tab it but for some strange reason I seem have potatoes jammed in my ears today...Has anyone here tabbed the short little guitar riff in Temptation Eyes ( The Grass Roots):)
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    Boy did I screw up...big time

    So I've had my RHH for about 6 months now and I'm digg'n it and play'n it every day. I'm a goofy perfectionist and the truss rod cover on the RHH was bugging me more and more every day. Let me explain...I bought the guitar used on ebay and the only flaw I could see on it was a scratch on the...
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    i am so done WASTING MONEY

    Hey Muffins... Too bad you don't live in South Jersey...I'd say come over with a six pack and I'd have you squared away in an hour. I speak from expierence after building a dozen or so hollow bodies. From the pics you are on the right track but I think where you are running into issues is...
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    Bigsby Trem arm, who's leave's on the felt

    First thing I did on my with the felt!
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    Hey j.s.c. you are the winner!

    Not a clone...I took the specs from a wooden bridge I had in my spare parts box. I never saw or held a Compton...
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    Hey j.s.c. you are the winner!

    For being the Gretsch CSI of 2011 and helping me keep my sanity I have a gift for will fit your RHH...I made two and it's yours if you want it... PM me your address and I'll ship it out to you this week if you are interested. It will improve sustain like you wouldn't believe!:)
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    What the heck is this?

    J.S.C. YOU SIR ARE BRILLIANT!!! Wow...mystery solved. The screw-in shaft of the strap button came out with the cap when I unscrewed it...I just screwed the piece in without the spacer... Gretsch CSI at its best!!
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    What the heck is this?

    Nope...the pickgard is intact. I thought that too...
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    What the heck is this?

    I did some long overdue work on one of my latest guitars. About six months ago I bought a Rev Horton Heat. The guitar was used and still out of the box needing a set-up. The frets needed leveling and the neck was way out of wack...for that kind of dough a guitar should be perfect but that's only...
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    How to get your wife to ok a new Gretsch

    Great story! Congrats!!!!
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    Bridge Build...

    It works!! I measured and cut the string notches and strung it up...holy crap it works better than I ever expected! The intonation was as good as it gets and the sound is sooo much better than the wood bridge I replaced :) The aluminum bridge was an exact copy of the wooden bridge which was...
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    Bridge Build...

    I've been meaning to upgrade the bridge on my Mike Nesmith tribute 12 string...after about a year of playing it started to sound a little "dull" I don't have any experience with Compton"s but the theory behind it makes sense. Steel at the bridge will make a fuller and richer tone. I'm not sure...
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    Old Guy Tribute Band Name Ideas...

    Uncle Leo
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    I'm a hostler ! Whats your job?

    Police officer...Highway patrol 23 years. I can't wait to retire...2 more years! They say canabus destroys memory cells...I think I'm gonna destroy about 25 years worth the day I sign my papers

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