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  • You don't stop playing because you get get old because you stop playing...PLAY ON!
    I'm pretty much hangin' out in my shop anymore. Still tryin' to locate a REAL G6122 '62 Harrison Gent Blueprint/plans outlining all the internals. BTW, if anyone runs across a set of plans on ebay claiming to be "Country Classic" DO NOT FALL FOR IT. It is plans for a G5122 ELECTROMATIC, with a 16" lower bout width. I HAVE the G5122 125th Anniv. They even draw in a high dollar B6G (with the "V")!
    Hi, I’m looking for a Burns trem arm for my ‘65, please let me know if you know where to find one. Thanks, Jon
    Back in Black
    Back in Black
    Hi TJ,

    I have two, send me an email. both are complete, fully operational, with arm and original fastening screws.
    [email protected]
    Hi Warren,
    What price are you looking for you Burns trem if you still have it please?
    I’ve posted some pics on the build thread, can’t seem to be able to do it here, Burns terms are super rare, you’ve done well to find one.
    Back in Black
    Back in Black
    Since I bought this one, I've found two more, negotiating now for the third one, give me some guidance as to where I can find your photos, thanks branny.
    Hello, I’ve just sold a few of my Beast guitars, if you need any info let me know?
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    Back in Black
    Back in Black
    Thanks branny, any chance of a photo or two. my ''Salute'' is getting close, a few more days, have a second Burns Trem on its way from the UK, best, and thank you, Warren...BIB
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