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  • You're welcome, Tara. Your enthusiasm for Jets has me very curious to try one out!
    Thank you,
    Hi T, no probs, glad you like it ;-) No, I'm not collecting the whole set - I just bought an Anni from another forum member and it's on its slow way to me now, so I thought I'd get a little Anni from fleabay. [It's now just behind my keyboard, and when the big one arrives the little one will remind me to get off the computer and go play instead!]. While I was getting the little Anni, the guy said that he was just kicked off fleabay by FMIC so I thought this might be the only opportunity to get any others. Then, I saw the Jet in his list and I knew I had to get it...
    I still have his email if you want any others...
    Hope you had a great Christmas - Cheers for now!
    HI Tara, how's things? all well I hope.
    I have a cheeky non gretsch related question.
    You gave me some great advice re: truss rod adjustments for my jet recently. I'm assuming I can apply the same technique with my tele. Would the gap between 7-9 frets be the same on a tele though? If it makes any difference it is a 97-98 American Standard with a lot of fret wear I've had em dressed a few times & will probably re fret next year.
    Thanks in advance
    Matt :D
    i know!
    thank you!
    it will be a while untill i can convice fred to be my friend though:(
    how is your bass VI doing?
    i thik a jet might be next on my todo list
    that or a tele
    probably both in the end
    but right now my mission here is to get rid of that 'gretschie' above my avatar
    but you are on a mission here aren't you?
    you won't rest until everyone here has at least one jet
    that's the thing, the coolest guys usually are loners
    the poor lonesome cowboy and things like that
    looks like we both have enough spare time to hang around here alot
    i have to try hard not to make any historical comments about the neighbours thing though
    Hello Tara!

    How has the last week been for you in Berlin? I hope that you are continuing to enjoy that wonderful city, and are getting some free time to explore and play your Jets! Have the bureaucrats been keeping you busy?

    Very best wishes,
    You're very welcome. Gotta love it when a pretty girl thanks you for wanting to be her friend! :D
    Slick here, hey kid "O" thanks for the kind words on my Acoustic's. They are cheap but they work for me because each one has 6 strings. Got to LOVE those STRINGS.
    Thanks again Slick
    have a great day
    Hi Tara
    You were talking about a fully-reversible mod when you were talking about the Compton Bridges. What does that mean. I am sorry but I am new to this. I have been looking at the Compton web site and I like what I've seen, so I am going to invest in a new bridge. Thanks for the tip.

    I just gigged with it last night, it was AWESOME. The one I got is in nearly immaculate condition. I put ernie ball power slinky on it and feel like I can even go up higher. Gibson scale? Action can come down a lot and it already feels insane without the setup!
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