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    SOLD Lots of Hosa Right Angle Patch Cables (6", 12", & Stereo Breakout)

    For sale are 14 barely used Hosa right angle patch cables. Roughly $80 brand new. Entire lot for $50 shipped, obo. They are: 2 Hosa STP-201RR TRS to Dual TS (right angle on both ends, 3ft each) 5 Hosa CFS-106 patch cable (right angle on both ends, 6 inches each) 7 Hosa CFS-112 patch cable...
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    SOLD Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply NEON ($170 shipped)

    Like new. Comes with everything in box (manuals, stickers, bag, 8 connectors, 2 Line 6 style connectors, power cord). Limited edition neon pink color. Has extra courtesy plug for expandability.
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    SOLD Carbon Copy Deluxe ($160 shipped)

    Perfect condition. Box, papers, sticker, etc. $160 shipped.
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    SOLD GigRig ABYBABY Amp Switcher ($160 shipped)

    For sale is a nearly perfect condition GigRig ABY-BABY silent amp switcher. Out of stock/unavailable new, but you can read all about it here. The switches are dead silent and feel fantastic, fully isolated, phase inverter, flip/flop mode, buffered and true bypass outputs. Extremely high quality...
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    SOLD TC Electronic Mimiq Stereo Doubler Pedal $85 Shipped

    A like-new TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler pedal. This is the full size, stereo version. As clean as it can be. Just got it, tried it out, and it didn't suit my needs. Letting it go for the exact same price and deal I got. $85 PayPal and shipped.
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    SOLD Schaller Style Strap Locks

    Sold. Thanks @montereyjack66
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    SOLD Schaller Style Strap Locks

    Schaller style strap locks in chrome. With strap buttons and screws. Like new. $15 shipped and Paypalled.

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