Treble Bleed

Treble Bleed

sooo in and out of pot? where do you get a .001 I have 22's. If I do one should I just do the other?
Update: I put the 001 on the input and output tabs.
1. It helped the weird tone on roll off
2 However it did not help with the drop off at 9.5 in fact it made it worse its almost like and on/off switch now its 10, drop off, barely audible and off aaaaand when I removed it it went back to normal but in hindsight it definitely help with the tone roll off so cheers! I got the sucker open any suggestions before I return pot?
I got it fellas. I had to put a .068 and raise the neck pick up ......its like 97% better no ther is a gradual roll off. there's still a drop off but its nowhere near where it was. I would do the same to the bridge but that was too nerve racking. BTW it does have an A500k. so not sure what the real problem was/is. but its fixed!

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