Salty, April 26, 2009

Salty, April 26, 2009

@ishtar sorry no filtertrons for sale and also sorry to hear about Salty. A really wonderful looking creature. What type of terrier was he (there are so many). I'm a life long dog lover with two Jack Russell's who have just turned 11.
Salty was a West Highland White Terrier. I have had three of those kinda dogs. Salty and his half brother, Scruffy, came up on the ‘Wisconsin Westie Rescue’ site, about 4 months after Ishtar, the first Westie I came across, died. Scruffy and Salty together were a formidable duo. They were 5 years old when I got them and had to stay together.

Here’s a pic, from left to right, Salty, Scruffy, and their buddy Harry...

and Scruffy and Salty outside a Target display window downtown in Minneapolis, a few blocks from where we lived...

And a shot in a light early-season snowstorm of Scruffy n Salty. Yeah, those guys were photogenic. Salty lived to be 16 years old. Scruffy and my first Westie both made it to 11.

Ishtar blazed the Westie trail in my life which has been blessed and greatly enhanced and defined by dogs -

And lastly, here’s Salty and myself at a Gretsch-together back ten years ago or so...
That’s G-T and US army veteran, S. Rock on the left...

Over and out for now.

Peace, friend!....
Oh, and I better mention, Emma... She had to have some Jack Russell in her mix, I have to believe... Here she is with Ishtar and neighborhood friend, Otto -

And one more with Ishtar-

Each dog was a great gift to me in my existence. I kind of think, or want to think that Wendy, my current canine companion, harbors all the souls of my old dogs inside her, and is a conduit to communicate an everlasting love between me and all of them. Wendy is great at doing that...

Wow, who put a quarter into me and pushed the dog-blab button?!?!

Later. All the best.
@ishtar Thanks so much for the pictures of your companions. Salty, Scruffy and Harry look like they're headed for trouble! Emma does look like a jack and quite a bit like my guy, Bud. I love your thoughts on your Wendy being a conduit, it's a very comforting thought and I think I know what you mean.

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