pikasso linda manzer built it for pat metheny

pikasso   linda manzer built it for pat metheny
bandstuff8385, Jan 28, 2009
    • DevilYouKnow
      Looks like the makings for an acoustic "Future Man" a la Bela Fleck. I guess making it acoustic would put this more in the "back to the future man category." In any case you'd be bound to rake it in in the subway halls. -B
    • bandstuff8385
      Hi DevilYouKnow!

      Yeah, you could tell people yer guit-box is very sick and needs an operation!

      That thing has piezos AND hexaphonic PUps so you can run a synth off it, too.

      Metheney actually plays it.

      So you're a Fleck fan, huh?? I love that stuff.

      Bela Fleck is just crazy-good and the Wooten Bros are amazing!
    • Hot Rod Michelle
      .... This thing looks like it has had one too many hits on the meth pipe.
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    • bandstuff8385
      Hi Oh Oh! I sure hope you are mistaken ... Actually it would be a great axe for
      1 a couple of musical Siamese twins.
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