roadjunkie, Jul 26, 2008
    • JohnnyRingo
      They are something special.I no longer have mine and I have no doubt that if my life and finances can ever get back to higher ground,I will get another DSW or DSV.The DSW really changed my whole look and approach at playing guitar.I loved the buttery smooth Bigsby with those Dyna's.That has to be one of the most unique tones in all of music.Alongside the "not so buttery" Bigsby with some Filtertrons.
    • roadjunkie
      ................I'll tell ya what man! I swapped out the Bigsby comp bridge for a bar bridge and it got better! Since then I put an aluminum Tru-Arc bar gridge on it and it's night and day difference for the better! I have 12 flats on it now but I think I'm going back to 11-49 rounds. The notes just snap off of the top!
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    Jul 26, 2008
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